Indulgence Advice Column

  • Ask Jay: all about cock rings and clits

    Men usually wear a cock ring to make it easier to achieve and maintain an erection or to make the erection firmer. How this works is the penis is inserted through the ring and the cock ring slides into place around the shaft, usually close to the base. View Post
  • Dental dams and gift ideas

    In theory, a dental dam provides a barrier which will help guard against sexually transmitted infections. They're sometimes recommended to be used when a person wants to perform oral sex a woman or analingus on either gender. View Post
  • Ask Jay: Non-monogamy, building confidence in the bedroom, finding comfortable butt plugs

    Non-monogamy is a blanket term which refers to any relationship or dynamic where people are not monogamous. If you and your partner decide to have a threesome, or if you watch her have sex, or if you both decide to have sex with other people separately then those are all examples of non-monogamy. View Post