Indulgence Advice Column

  • Ask Jay: How to get past infidelity

    Something which I feel gets overlooked a lot is that the damage from an affair isn't strictly about the sex. It may not even be primarily about the sex. A lot of the damage to a relationship comes from the sense of betrayal, the loss of trust. View Post
  • Even More Questions And Answers About Impact Play

    Some of the people I have played with have been friends who get together with me to do impact play and have fun. We treat it like basketball - there is some intense physical activity, we work up a sweat with the spanking, and then everyone goes home. View Post
  • Ask Jay: distracted by cam girls and opening up a relationship

    You may find that the new energy and excitement from getting to date someone new makes you feel really good for a while, which is great. But that doesn't cure any of the ailments with your existing marriage. View Post