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  • Ask Jay: does size matter, comparing kink terminology, and asking about vaccine status

    Women tell me they worry about finding a guy who won't harm them, who has a job, who isn't a slob around the house, who will go down on them, who knows how to cook, who will share his feelings with them, and who is creative in bed. A penis of particular proportions may be a nice bonus, but it's so far down on the list of priorities that it is barely a consideration. View Post
  • Ask Jay: vacation toys, new lingerie, lubes, and vanishing erections

    I can say with a high degree of confidence (based partially on my own experience) that what will get your husband excited is seeing you in something new and sexy. Lingerie is as much about the idea - the fact you're dressing up in something special specifically for him - as it is the style or colour. View Post
  • Ask Jay: Cleaning toys, deep throating, and comfortable sex positions

    There are special types of furniture and sex swings which are especially designed to make it comfortable to hold sexual positions without putting undo discomfort on the participants. Sex swings are quite similar to yoga swings and the latter is easier to search for on-line without shocking other people who use your computer. View Post