Ask Jay: Are you risking pregnancy from anal sex?

Good day, gentle readers. I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia. We get all sorts of questions at Indulgence and I'm here to provide answers. Let's dip into the mail bag and see what we have in store for you this week.

Do storks deliver to the back door asks: Is it likely for me to get pregnant from anal sex? My friend says no, but another says it's possible if the sperm seeps out. Which is it?

Jay answers: It is possible to get pregnant from anal sex. Though just how likely is a sliding scale, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if you were engaging in anal sex with a condom and lube (the lubrication reduces friction and lowers the risk of the condom breaking) then it would be quite unlikely for pregnancy to result.
Admittedly not the most important reason to use lube during anal sex.

On the other hand, if your partner climaxes in (or on) your bottom, then it's possible for semen to work its way around and reach the vaginal opening. After that, sperm can survive for a few days and possibly intercept one of your eggs.

In short, if you're hoping to avoid pregnancy, relying on anal sex as a method of protection isn't a good approach. You should also use a form of birth control such as condoms or an oral contraceptive.

Another thing to consider is some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are spread more easily through anal sex due to the thin, unlubricated issues in the anus. Unless you and your partner are sexually exclusive and have been tested for STIs, it's a good idea to wear a condom during anal sex to avoid infection as well as pregnancy.