Penis pumps and hitting the G-spot

Howdy folks! I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. I'm here today to answer some questions which people have submitted to us. Let's dive right in!

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Feeling inflated asks: Recently I've been hearing a lot of buzz about penis pumps and I've got a bunch of questions. What exactly do they do? How do you use them? Are they meant to feel good while in use? Are there any health concerns with using one?

Jay answers: Thanks for your interesting questions. A penis pump, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is basically an airtight tube which slides over the penis. The tube has a valve or hose on one end and a little pump. When you squeeze (or activate) the pump, air is sucked out of the tube. This creates a vacuum around the penis.

With the air pressure removed from around the penis, the penis tends to expand to take up the room which was previously occupied by air. In theory, this can give you an easier, larger, and possibly more sensitive erection.

Exhibit A 

In brief, you place the tube over your penis and use the pump to remove all the lingering air from the tube. The penis becomes more erect than usual and then you remove the tube and engage in intercourse or other sexual play.

I hope that adequately describes what a penis pump is and how people use them. As to whether they are meant to feel good while in use, I suppose that is a personal call. It may also depend on the type of pump you are using. The Dr Joel's Erection Pump (displayed above) has a fairly clinical description and seems geared toward working easily and efficiently. However, the Optimum Series Automatic Smart Pump is described in more erotic terms:
Sleek and stable, a nice long chamber sits below a simple interface above. Strategically crystal clear, the Smart is naturally magnifying - an ego boost before you even get started won't hurt at all! Over the entrance and slipped down about halfway, a plushy, super-soft inner sleeve cushions skin like magic as it maintains a great seal.

I'm both intrigued and aroused!

I don't know about you, but all of that sounds pretty exciting to me! In short, I do believe some (though perhaps not all) pumps are intended to feel good as well as being functional.

As to whether there are any health concerns, when used in moderation there shouldn't be any risk to your health. (Please keep in mind I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.) The amount of suction you're likely to feel shouldn't be much more than, for example, a blowjob or the amount of pressure you might apply when masturbating. However, I will offer a few words of caution.

A penis pump is meant to be used semi-regularly, maybe once every few days, typically not multiple times a day. It's also recommended that you only use enough vacuum to feel a slight tug from the pump. Using the pump with more vacuum than that (or using the pump more frequently) can have some side-effects. The side-effects of a pump are usually cosmetic, not really health risks, but still worth avoiding. A pump can, when used too much or with too much suction, result in blood blisters, bruises, or damaged skin along your shaft.

In short, limit your usage to a few times a week and start off using the pump gently - especially at first. In these situations there should be no health risks and you may enjoy the sucking sensation.

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That hits the spot asks: I'm looking for a toy to ACTUALLY hit my G-spot. I've got a whole collection of things that just don't work. What are your best selling G-spot toys?

Jay answers: I'm sorry to hear you haven't found any toys which are hitting the right spot. That must be frustrating.

We have a handful of really popular toys which have a proven track record of hitting ladies' G-spots. The We-Vibe Nova 2 has a pleasant curve to it which helps it hit the right places. There is a toy called The Master by Satisfyer which also has a pleasant curve and strong head on it to stimulate the G-spot.

Curved for your pleasure 

My partner and I also really like the glass Icicles No. 18. While not a vibrator, it's a wonderfully smooth glass dildo with a strong curve in it. The rounded head adds a little extra pressure to the front wall of the vagina where the G-spot is located and adds pleasant stimulation.

You mentioned that none of the toys you've found thus far have been able to stimulate your G-spot. Something you might find helpful is, if you can hit the G-spot with a finger, is to take note of the angle and depth of your digit when it's pressed against your G-spot. Then come into the shop and compare the length and angle of your finger to the toys on the shelves. You may find some of them more closely match the dimensions of your hand when it is in the correct position. Best of luck in your hunt for a more stimulating toy!

I'd like to take a step back from this specific question (and the person asking it) for a second and talk more generally for a moment. Something my partner, Elle, pointed out while I was writing this is some women have less sensitive G-spots. Women who are less sensitive in this area may find they need more intense stimulation or don't get much pleasure from their G-spot being stimulated. If you are a person who doesn't get off from G-spot stimulation or doesn't get satisfaction from toys designed to hit your G-spot, that is okay and normal. We all have different preferences and bodies that like different things. However, if you do get pleasure from having your G-spot touched, the toys mentioned previously are great items to try out.