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  • Ask Jay: Bondage, sex positions, and restoring self-image

    Handcuffing someone to a chair with their hands behind their back and then blindfolding them is also a great way to set them up to be teased with various toys and sensations. View Post
  • A handy dandy hand job

    For many young adults, the first frisky, fumbling hand job is an introduction, a gateway into the land of sex. It is practically a rite of passage, a tentative yet sweaty experience in teasing and taming your new partner's body. Giving your first hand job is exciting for you (due to its newness and exploration) and empowering as you observe his reaction to your touch.

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  • Shopping for a vibrator online

    How do you know what to look for when you go to buy a quality vibe that will hopefully continue to give you pleasure for years? I'd like to share six tips and some favourites from each toy category to help you get started, particularly if you are shopping online. View Post