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  • How to use a butt plug

    A butt plug is typically a small toy, usually shaped like an egg or a cone. The plug is designed to slide into your bottom and remain there for brief periods (usually a few minutes to a few hours). Having something in your bottom stimulates the nerves in your anus and generally causes a slightly tingling or excited feeling in the person wearing it. View Post
  • All about consent

    Getting consent prior to performing an action is the difference between borrowing a tool and theft, it is the difference between a friendly boxing match and assault, consent is the difference between love making and rape. View Post
  • Lubricants 101 | How to pick the best personal lubricant

    Lube lessons!  Think of it as having the right tool for the job. You're not going to put foot lotion on your face right? You have face lotion and foot lotion, two totally different things, even though they're both lotions. Lubes are the same way. Different ones are for different things.  Get the best lubes for every occasion! View Post