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  • Ask Jay: First timers looking for discrete hook-ups

    Before you head out into the world of meet-ups, hook-ups, and on-line connection apps, this is a good time to do a lot of talking about what you and your partner want this new adventure to look like. View Post
  • How to use a butt plug

    A butt plug is typically a small toy, usually shaped like an egg or a cone. The plug is designed to slide into your bottom and remain there for brief periods (usually a few minutes to a few hours). Having something in your bottom stimulates the nerves in your anus and generally causes a slightly tingling or excited feeling in the person wearing it. View Post
  • All about consent

    Getting consent prior to performing an action is the difference between borrowing a tool and theft, it is the difference between a friendly boxing match and assault, consent is the difference between love making and rape. View Post