How to use a butt plug

You might have heard of a type of toy called a butt plug and wondered, "Why would I put a plug in my butt?" Well, I'm glad you asked, curious reader. Hi, I'm Jay, a sex-positive man from Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to discuss toys specifically designed to going in your bottom, why you might want to put them there, and how to make it a pleasant experience.

Some background

First, I'd like to point out that your anus and the surrounding area is just full of sensitive nerve endings. If something happens around your bottom, you feel it right away and probably feel it intensely. It's a sensitive area that will let you know about any change in touch, temperature, or pressure. Activating these many nerve endings in a pleasant way can bring about a great deal of pleasure. The various methods of stimulating these nerves in your bottom is collectively known as anal play.

Anal play can take any number of forms. It might be as gentle and straight forward as lighty running your finger around the exterior of your partner's anus. It might involve licking the same area with your tongue, or inserting a finger. Some people enjoy anal sex (using the penis to penetrate a person's bottom). There are a number of lubes and vibrators specifically designed to feel good around or inside your bottom. There is a whole exciting world of pleasure to explore back there!

Put some buzz in your butt.

What is a butt plug?

Today I'd specifically like to talk about butt plugs. A butt plug is typically a small toy, usually shaped like an egg or a cone. The plug is designed to slide into your bottom and remain there for brief periods (usually a few minutes to a few hours). Having something in your bottom stimulates the nerves in your anus and generally causes a slightly tingling or excited feeling in the person wearing it. Ladies often report a pleasantly "full" feeling from wearing a plug during sex. Having a plug inside you, especially when around other people, can also feel naughty or taboo and it's exciting to have a sexy secret.

While plugs come in a variety of sizes - ranging from half the length of your pinkie finger up to whatever you desire - and shapes, most are somewhat egg shaped and roughly the size of an index finger. Plugs usually have a rounded narrow end at the top and a narrow stem near the bottom. Below the stem there should be a wide base that flares out to the sides. The top gets inserted into your bottom and your anus hugs the thin stem toward the end to hold the plug in place. The wide base prevents the plug from slipping further inside you.

Note the wide base.

Having the flared base, or some kind of loop or handle, is important. Having a plug slip completely inside your body is uncomfortable and can be difficult to remove. For this reason I recommend getting a plug with a firm, wide base.

Selecting a plug

Before you decide to grab the nearest plug-like object and stick it in your tuckas, first keep in mind that you're going to want to find a plug that is comfortable. Most people want to start with something relatively small, smooth, and soft. You're going to want something that is small enough to insert into your bottom easily, while also having a prominant base or handle for removal.

Everyone likes slightly different sizes and shapes, so it can be helpful to begin your journey with a beginner pack of plugs. We've talked about finding good, beginner-friendly plugs in a previous blog post. In general, I suggest starting with either a soft silicone plug or a small, stainless steel plug.

Doesn't it look pretty?


Preparing is important

Let's say you've found a plug you want to try. Be sure to also pick up some lubrication. Nothing helps anal play quite like lube (usually lots of lube). I recommend squirting some lubrication onto your finger and rubbing it around your anus. Possibly inserting your lubricated finger inside a little. Then place a thin flim of lube over the part of the plug you're going to be inserting inside your body.

Before sliding the plug into your body, try to relax. Take long, slow breaths. Try to relax your muscles, especially those around your bottom. The first time you slide something into your booty it can feel strange. Being calm and relaxed can help a lot.
Become one with everything, then put something in your butt!

Finally, try to find a comfortable position. While there are several angles you can explore to reach around and position the plug, some are likely to be awkward or cause your muscles to tense. I recommend laying on your side and reaching behind your back or down between your legs to apply lubrication and move the plug into place.

Gently, slowly, and with lube

When you start inserting the plug into your bottom, remember to go slowly. Continue to take long, deep breaths. Don't rush the process and don't try to force the plug inside you. It should glide in with minimal resistance. It can take a while to get used to the sensation of pushing something into your bottom so you might want to insert the plug just a short distance, then slide it back out. Then apply more lube to the plug and slowly start inserting it again.

While it can be an odd sensation, even an intense sensation, having a plug slide into your booty, it should not ever be painful. If you feel discomfort, pause what you're doing. It can hurt if you're tense, if the plug is too big, or you don't have enough lube. If you feel uncomfortable then consider trying a smaller plug (or a little finger), or taking a break and trying again later.

Once the plug is inside you and is remaining comfortably in place, take a little while to just lay with it in. Get used to the "full" sensation. After a while you may want to sit up, stand, walk around a little. Try wearing the plug in a variety of positions or while performing different tasks. The plug should shift very slightly and provide a steady flow of new sensations as you move about.
It can take a while to get used to the feeling.

Should you find that the plug is not staying in place, perhaps it keeps sliding out, or if it's uncomfortable, I recommend stopping and removing it. An uncomfortable plug is probably too rigid or too large. A plug that keeps slipping out may be too small or not have enough of a difference in diameter between its middle and its thin stem. Trying another plug with a slightly different size or shape will probably help.

Removal and cleaning

After you've enjoyed having your plug in your butt for a while (a few minutes, maybe a hour) it's time to remove it. Leaving a plug in too long, especially when you are new to the experience, may cause cramping or discomfort. So err on the side of caution and take out the plug sooner rather than later.

Go into a bathroom to remove the plug. When you remove it you'll probably want to clean it off straight away. Also, when the plug is removed it may have fecal matter on it and it's best to deal with that on a wood or tile floor rather than on a carpet or bed sheet.

Take hold of the plug around the flared base or handle. You may want to grip the base with a tissue to prevent slipping as it may still be covered in lube. Very gently tug at the plug and slowly pull. If the plug resists, try to relax your booty. Take a few deep breaths and give it another soft tug.

Once the plug has been removed, wash it off in the sink. I recommend using some soap, hot water, and toy cleaner. You may also wish to shower or use some tissues to remove the lube from around your bottom.

Being clean feels almost as good as being naughty.

Some people report feeling a little empty or some cramping in their booty after removing a plug. This is natural and your body with return to normal, usually within a few hours. The muscles in your bottom just need a chance to adjust, as they would with any new task or exercise.

At this point, congratulations on trying something new! Hopefully you enjoyed the experience. Playing with a plug is a good way to tease yourself (with the sensations), and a hot way to surprise your partner with some booty bling. Once you get used to your first plug, consider exploring other shapes and sizes to find one that best fits you and provides the best experience.