A bouquet of butt plugs

I wouldn't say that I am a butt plug connoisseur, in fact I've never met anyone who described themselves that way, however I will say that I do occasionally like to engage in a little booty play with my partner from time to time. Elle and I don't have many anal toys, but we do have a charming little gem-decorated plug. It's a relatively light, stainless steel plug that looks nice, thanks to its pink faux gem, and it has just enough size and weight to add some pleasant pressure during intercourse.

For when your bottom wants to feel like royalty


There are a few things we particularly like about the gem-sporting plug. The narrow part at the base is quite thin, which makes it easier for it to sit in place and not slip out. The steel is smooth and easy to clean and the body of the plug starts out narrow and gradually widens a little in a fashion that makes it fairly straight forward to insert. The one issue we have with the plug is that the base doesn't have a handle (or anything else to grip) so there is no simple method to remove it after play. The plug needs to be gradually wiggled out. The plug, while it is entirely functional and a pretty good beginner toy, isn't all that interesting - it doesn't have any ridges, bumps, or other features to add texture to the anal experience.


Since variety is the spice of life, even when it comes to rump romps, we decided to try out a few other tuckas toys. The one catch was we weren't really sure what we, particularly Elle, would enjoy. We'd tried a little beginner plug and the stainless steel plug, but we were not sure what other sizes, shapes, and weights might best suit. We were pleased to find just the thing to help us out in this area: a set of three Satisfyer butt plugs.

The three buttsketeers!


This trio of plugs are made of silicone in order to provide some flexibility. Each plug has a looped handle at the end to make them easier to adjust, tug during play, or remove. The insertable section of each plug is about three and a quarter (3.25) inches long and reaches about an inch at their widest points. The trio is available as either an all black set or a more colourful set with a red, a pink, and a purple plug.


We started with the red plug first which features three bumps along its length which start out small and gradually get larger toward the handle. This plug inserts fairly easily and the narrow bands along the shaft provide logical pausing points as the plug is eased in. Once in, the plug fit Elle fairly well. While there were no problems with this plug, the shape did not really suit Elle and she reported that the narrow parts of the plug made it feel like it was prone to wiggle and, though it stayed in place, she felt as though it might fall out.

Our first contestant


While the plug was a good toy to start with, as it went in easily, the fear was that it might also come out easily, and this proved as distracting as it was pleasurable for Elle. One thing we both appreciated though was that the loop handle on the end made all of the plugs in this set much easily to remove than the gem-capped plug we were using for comparison.


The second plug we tried was the pink toy with two egg-shaped bumps along its length. This plug also went in without much fuss, though it starts out a little wider at the tip. The oval-shaped bumps slid into place and the narrow part of the shaft near the base made it very comfortable to hold in place.

Two bumps are better than one

Once it was in place, this plug was our favourite of the trio. There was enough size and weight through the middle bumps to feel stimulating and add a little extra sensation during sex. However, the plug was also light and proved to be narrow enough at the base to firmly stay in place without effort. When we were finished the pink plug's loop handle made removal straight forward. Overall this was our best experience with the three plugs, even though the tip of this plug was a little wider and resulting us using a little more caution wile inserting it.


The purple plug of the trio was a bit unusual. Instead of having a series of ridges or bumps, the third plug had one long twist in it, similar to a corkscrew. It starts out narrow at the end, making the plug easy to insert. Then the plug gradually increases in width and its ridge twists up around its length. The result is that this plug is more of a cone shape than the “string of pearls” contours more common with anal toys.

I'm not sure if this toy goes in straight or twists in.

The good news is this small tip and gradual increase in size makes this toy straight forward to insert. However, unlike the other two plugs, this one doesn't really have a narrow section near the base to give the anus something to close around. It pretty much shifts from its wide cone shape into a loop handle without a thin strip to give the bottom something to grip. This led to the plug automatically sliding out on its own as the gradual spiral left very little to grip or hold in place. As a result, the plug kept removing itself and we weren't able to try it over a longer period of time or during intercourse the way we did with the other plugs.


In the end, if you'll pardon the expression, we found we really enjoyed using the pink plug with two egg-shaped bumps. It felt comfortable, was wide enough to add a little zip to sex, and the loop handle makes it easy to remove. The plug with three bumps was also good. However, it, like the spiral plug, was both difficult to keep in place and tended to slide about. The spiral plug probably would have been fine (and the easiest to insert), however there wasn't a thin base to hold onto and it kept “escaping”.


What we liked about all three plugs was the loop handle that makes them easier to adjust during play and remove afterwards. Plus the variety in this set means there is a little something for everyone. We still like the gem plug for its ease in cleaning, its weight, and for its looks, but we do wish it also had the convenient loop handle like this trio of plugs. This is a good beginner set, not only because the plugs are pretty easy to insert and retrieve, but also because there is some variety in the styles and they'll give newcomers a better sense of what they want in an anal toy.