Favourite butt plugs and tips for beginners

My partner Elle and I occasionally get asked about what toys we recommend. People new to trying out kinky or sexy scenarios often want to find what toys work for other people. In particular I've encountered a lot of curiosity about butt plugs.

A butt plug is a small, rounded device that goes in your bottom. Trying one out for the first time is something people tend to feel a bit nervous about. They wonder what will fit properly, what will feel good, if it's too small will it fall out and if it's too large will it hurt? I'm happy to share some tips when it comes to finding your first butt plug.

When it comes to finding the perfect butt plug there are three key points to consider: safety, size, and shape. In that order. Let's dive into these, point by point.

Safety first

First, safety. Any butt plug you purchase should have a relatively smooth, rounded tip to make it easier to insert into your posterior. Then, at the opposite end, there should be a slightly narrow section followed by a flared base. This base should be relatively wide and solid. The slightly narrow part is where your bottom will grip the plug, holding it in place. The base should be wide to prevent the entire plug from slipping inside your rectum.

This is the ideal shape for a beginner.

It's important to have a wide, firm base as it will allow you to focus on other things and not worry about whether the plug is sliding in too deep. Some butt plugs have silicone handles with loops at the end which also prevent the toy from sliding in too far and offer an easy way to (gently) pull the toy back out.


Once you've found a plug with a nice, rounded tip and a wide base to keep it in place, the next thing to consider is the plug's size. Most people, I think, will want to start small. We are talking about something sliding into your butt, after all, and it's probably best to start small and work up. Most people find really small plugs feel better, at least at first. Though they are lighter and are more likely to shift position.
Size matters, both in sports and butt play!

With this in mind, I recommend starting with smaller, narrower plugs, but do so in the comfort of your own home. Experiment alone or with a partner first because you don't want to pause periodically in public to adjust or re-insert your plug if it slides out. Take some time to get used to the feel and make sure the plug stays in place before heading out on the town.

If you find the plug keeps slipping out, you might be better off with a butt plug that's slightly larger. A plug with a bigger middle section is more apt to stay fixed in place.


Plugs can come in various shapes - narrow, curved, and with ridges. Some are twisted, some have bumps, some are smooth. Preference for the shape of a plug is a highly individual choice. Some people like the item going into their bottom to be smooth, simple, and straight forward. Others like a little variety in the experience, a new thrill.

For people new to trying out butt plugs I recommend starting with a variety. There are collections of butt plugs for beginners which allow people to try out options and see what works best for them. Indulgence carries a three-pack of butt plugs and it's got a little something for everyone!

A little something for everyone.


One final thought

One more thought before I leave you to explore the wonders that are butt plugs - don't forget to use lube! Your bottom is a sensitive place and naturally dry. Having a lube, particularly water based lube if you're using silicone toys, is a great way to make your introduction to booty play a fun and comfortable experience!

Treat your booty right!