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  • Where the hell is my G-SPOT?!

    Legit and detailed advice guiding you to the 'holy grail' of orgasms!

    So, is the G-spot real?  Science says it is.  Discovered WAY back in the 50’s by a German named Dr. Grafenberg. (Oh those Europeans, always one-upping us in the sexy department!)  The G-spot didn’t start rising to fame until the 80’s however, and women have been on their own crusade ever since.

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  • Kegel Exercises with Kegel Weights

    Kegel Balls are our FAVORITE way to exercise!  Read our guide and learn how to use kegel weights - from inserting them comfortably to establishing an exercise routine.  We talk you through every trick and tip for a great kegel exercise experience. View Post
  • Is Coconut Oil Safe as a Lubricant?

    Keep your coconut oil in the kitchen!  Coconut oil has gained the reputation of liquid gold, having multi-uses from skincare to cooking - and has also made its way into the bedroom as an alternative for lube. We get it, coconut oil is super accessible. Picking up a jar while grabbing some groceries definitely seems much more discreet than popping into your local naughty shop and the price seems unbeatable. But coconut oil shouldn’t be your go-to for a number of reasons. View Post