Is Coconut Oil Safe as a Lubricant?

We know, you heard it from a friend, read it somewhere on Pinterest, and if you're like us - use it for EVERYTHING.

But the short answer here is no, coconut oil is not an ideal lubricant.  Let us explain!

Coconut oil has gained the reputation of liquid gold, having multi-uses from skincare to cooking - and has also made its way into the bedroom as an alternative for lube. We get it, coconut oil is super accessible. Picking up a jar while grabbing some groceries definitely seems much more discreet than popping into your local naughty shop and the price seems unbeatable. But coconut oil shouldn’t be your go-to for a number of reasons.  

  • UTI central: Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it can clog your pores, irritate your skin, and cause breakouts. Hello, ingrown hairs! This happens because our bodies have trouble naturally breaking down the oil, so not only can it clog your pores, it can clog your urethra creating one hell of a UTI.
  • PH balance mayhem: Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal, which is amazing if you’re using it to heal a cut or a burn, but not-so-amazing if it’s spending time inside of your vagina. As we know, vaginas have a very delicate PH balance and coconut oil can throw this off, leading to some unwanted yeast infections.
  • Doesn’t play well with latex or silicone: Like all oil-based lubes, coconut oil isn’t safe to use with condoms or some of your favourite toys as it causes them to break down.
  • Stains, stains, stains: Last but not least, coconut oil can stain your sheets and clothes!

  • So now that we’ve steered you away from coconut oil, here are some alternatives:

    Sutil Luxe : So you love the natural and organic perks that come with coconut oil? Sutil is full of natural ingredients such as lotus root, oat beta, and plant sourced hyaluronic acid. It’s long-lasting and water-based, so it’s easy to clean up and safe to use with your fave vibes! Try it in the original Luxe or if you’re looking for something a bit thicker - Sutil Rich.

    Sutil Personal Lubricants | All natural water based intimate lubricants

    Sliquid Silver: Want to keep the sleek, smooth, and oily feeling that comes with using coconut oil? Give Sliquid Silver a try. It’s a long-lasting silicone (but still easy to clean) lube that’s best for skin on skin action!

    Sliquid Silver | Premium Silicone Intimate Lubricant