Kegel Exercises with Kegel Weights

How to do kegel exercises with kegel weights

Possibly our favorite topic of all time.  Kegel exercises are the Number 1 thing all women should be doing on a regular basis.  It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, have had kids or haven't, kegel exercises are crucial to your pelvic health and have huge benefits on your sexual health too!

Today we’re going to explain the importance of Kegel exercises and how to do them.  By the end of this article, you'll be a kegeler too!

Weak PC muscles, incontinence, lack of desire, failure to achieve an orgasm, and not lubricating efficiently aren’t only related to menopause. Women can experience any of these at any point in life at any age. It can be frustrating, and sometimes it happens so gradually that you may not even notice there's something strange going on until it becomes an actual problem.  There’s a really, really easy (and fun!) way to get your vagina in optimal health and orgasm producing order. Do your Kegel exercises!

This can be easier said than done…..we’re busy, we forget, we plan on starting tomorrow. Sound familiar? I’ve read countless reasons to do Kegel exercises and the rule of thumb is a simple 5-10 minutes a day, 3 times a weak. That’s a blip in the radar, in the big scheme of things. Especially if it helps control the bladder, improve desire, give bigger better orgasms, and even help with posture. The problem is it’s very easy to forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.

So with that in mind, we are huge advocates of using KEGEL BALLS to do Kegel exercises. Pick a good set of Kegel balls, like Lelo Luna Beads, and keep them where you can see them. Next to your contact lenses case, in your make up bag, next to medication. Wherever works, but make sure you see them every day so you remember to do them.

Kegel balls are hands down, other than an orgasm, our favorite way to exercise the vagina. Inserted like a tampon, with a bit of lubricant, you are essentially ‘lifting weights with your lady parts.’ Like any other exercise, Kegel balls increase the circulation and blood flow to the muscles, and that ladies, is where the magic starts to happen.

The first thing you will notice (after the novelty of walking around with the balls in) is an immediate improvement in your posture. In order to keep Kegel balls in place, you’ve got to stand up straight, engage your core, and tighten up your butt muscles. Whether you’re standing or sitting! See ya later back pain!

How long you keep the Kegel balls in, will depend on the strength of your PC muscles. Some women will have no problem keeping them the first time for 30 minutes. Other women may only be able to keep them in for 5 minutes. Approach this new exercise the same way you would any other new kind of activity and listen to your body. You are looking for long term goals, not instant gratification. When the balls start to slide down, you know it’s time to take them out. As you get comfortable with this new routine, you’ll find yourself wearing them for longer periods of time and going about your normal day to day routine with them in.

The second thing you’ll notice will be when you remove the balls. There is usually quite a bit of lubrication on them. This is totally normal! And you also may be feeling a little sensitive or sexually primed. The clitoris and labia may be slightly swollen and more sensitive than usual. This all goes back to the magic of blood flow and circulation. Arousal, in its simplest terms is a rush of blood flow to the genitals. This rush of blood is also going to kick your lubrication glands into action, even if they’ve been on hiatus lately.

The third thing you will notice (after about 2 weeks of exercises) is stronger PC muscles. Your partner is going to notice them too! Stronger muscles are going to do a lot of good things for your lady parts. The bigger the muscles, the more blood flow. The more blood flow, the more arousal. The more arousal, the more lubrication. The more arousal and lubrication, the easier it is to achieve orgasm. The bigger the muscles, the stronger the orgasm.

Big muscles mean strong muscles, and your strong PC muscles are also going to help with incontinence. No more leaking pee when you laugh or sneeze! They will keep sex from becoming painful by ensuring there is lots of natural lubrication being produced and they will help avoid ever having to deal with a prolapse (pelvic organs slipping down.) Think of your PC muscles like a cradle, holding everything in place! You want them to be strong!

Sounds great right? Physical and sexual health all achieved with two little weighted balls. So now that I’ve got you thinking about them, let me explain how to use them properly.

1. Buy a good set of Kegel weights. Stick with 100% medical grade silicone Kegel Balls or ABS plastic. Look for weights that have a ball bearing in them that moves when you do. The sensation reminds you to squeeze your muscles. A retrieval cord is handy too. Avoid jellies, latex, rubbers and other mystery materials (essentially anything with a strong plastic or rubbery smell.) These balls, while cheaper, tend to lead to infections or irritation.

2. Size is everything with Kegel weights, the rule of thumb is the bigger the ball, the easier it will be to hold in. The smaller ones are going to be more difficult.

3. Get some great quality water based lubricant, like SLIQUID H20.

4. Make a plan. Aim for 15 minutes a day (minimum) 3 days a week. You can build on this as you get stronger. Remember to find a special home for your Kegel weights so you see them every day. Your first few attempts should be done in your own home.

5. Have a pee before you put them in. Eventually you will be able to do this while wearing them, but during the early days, you may not have enough muscle control.

6. Find a comfortable position, apply some lubricant to the Kegel weights and a little bit to the opening of your vagina.

7. Slowly insert the balls one at a time. Some women will lay down to put them in, others will prop a leg up on the bath tub or toilet. Just do whatever is the most comfortable.

8. Once inserted, the balls should not be uncomfortable. Yes you will feel ‘full’ but in a pleasant way, and just like a tampon, you’ll quickly get used to the sensation.

9. Each body is a little different, so how far you push the balls in is up to you. We often recommend pushing them up to the first knuckle of your index finger for the first time and then adjust accordingly to your body.

10. Remove your Kegel balls slowly and gently by tugging on the retrieval cord. If you have Kegel balls without a cord, you may have to get into a squat position, push out and run your finger around the opening of your vagina. The balls should fall into your hand.

11. Wash your Kegel balls thoroughly for at least 45 seconds with soap and water or a gentle toy cleaner. Be sure to pay special attention to any ridges or seams.

12. Have fun with your Kegel balls. Tell your partner you’re wearing them, some people find the thought very erotic.

13. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, after wearing them, or while they’re still inside you, use a small clitoral vibrator to have a great orgasm (or two!)

14. Tell your friends! It’s amazing how many women have yet to get on board the Kegel ball train and all of us should be doing them, regardless of age.

We love to talk Kegels, and have lots more handy information to share. Come and visit us at Indulgence and we will help you choose the right style, size, and shape for your new Kegel Exercise Routine!