What to get when you are on the naughty list

Hello there and happy holidays. I'm Jay, a sex-positive guy from Nova Scotia and I have a question for you: have you been naughty or nice this year? Don't worry, if you're reading this I know which one you are and it's okay, your secret is safe with me. It is not always a bad thing when you and your partner are on Santa's naughty list, it just gives you and excuse to go out and find something special you'll both enjoy more than candy canes and coal. With the holiday season on the horizon I'd like to share with you some of the toys and items my partner and I have enjoy most over the past year. Perhaps you and your lover will have as much fun with them as we did.

You did what to get on the naughty list?!?


For her


Let's talk about toys for ladies first. My partner, Elle, and I have tried out a few this year. Okay, maybe more than a few. Probably her absolute most favourite toy is the We-Vibe Wand. It's like a magic wand massager, but the We-Vibe has more adjustable speeds, feels nicer on the skin, is waterproof and can be controlled remotely. What's not to love? The Wand is a wonderful toy for solo play, long-distance play, or an intimate evening in the bathtub. Plus the Wand carries a pretty good change. We can use it at least five or six times before the battery begins to run low. You can read more about our experiences with the Wand on the Indulgence blog.


Meet your new best friend

One of the only problems with a vibrator as a toy is that they can be noisy. For ladies who might like a toy that is quiet, and can be used both for solo play or with a partner, we really like the Icicles dildos. These glass toys are a good medium size and are coated with little bumps that add a wonderful textured feeling. Plus the glass is beautifully smooth, helping the toy glide right in. I'm also a fan of glass toys because they are so easy to clean between sessions. Indulgence has a range of Icicles, and Elle's recommendation is this beautifully curved item.

This is better than the icicles you hang on the tree, trust me!


For him


I am a very visual person. I love colour and variety. I also like the to be teased, to see something I want while it is being held out of reach. For all of these reasons I love lingerie on my partner and Elle has found a lot of items I've enjoyed this year. Indulgence has many lingerie options from which to choose. Elle's favourite is this beautiful floral print chemise which is both comfortable and sexy. It's easy to slip on for a casual cuddle or slip off during a sensual evening of naughtiness.

You're trying to seduce me, aren't you?

Meanwhile I'm a huge fan of this black and silver corset. Its curvy hourglass shape makes for a very seductive visual. While it's stiff and not the sort of thing I'd recommend wearing to a yoga class, or for lounging around, it's a great choice for photoshoots and costume parties. 

This silver corset takes the gold!

Another favourite of mine, especially for an intimate evening together, is the Tenga Egg. These little toys fit nicely into a travel bag and add a certain extra something to foreplay. Just crack open an egg, apply a little lube, and we've taken manual touching to the next level. They can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, and I like the variety they provide during an intense, hands-on session.

It's an egg-cellent choice for play time.

For us


There are a few toys Elle and I have tried over the past year which we enjoyed a lot. It's difficult to pick favourites, especially when most of our toys bring us a lot of enjoyment and no small number of orgasms! One toy we've had a lot of fun with is the We-Vibe Unite (and its close cousin the Sync). This is a little toy that ladies can wear, either while clothed or nude. The toy slips inside the vagina and rests up against the clitoris. The Unite can then be activated remotely, sending vibrating waves of pleasure through her body. The toy can be turned on or off to prolong the experience and can be adjusted to vibrate at different speeds. 

It's small, but mighty!

When you're going out someplace where there is a little background noise, like a restaurant or dance, this is a great toy to smuggle in with you. I can't tell you how much fun it is to watch your partner squirm while you discreetly adjust this vibrator from the other side of the table.

I like the way you think.


Last, but not least, Elle and I have both enjoyed experimenting with various flavours of Sliquid. If you haven't tried Sliquid before, it is a flavoured lubricant which feels fantastic. It also mostly cleans up after itself, evaporating after five to ten minutes, minimizing any mess. We have tried a handful of the flavours and agree our favourite is the temptingly tart green apple Sliquid. It's useful for sex, tasty during oral, and feels great. I'd recommend it whether you want some extra glide or just want a tasty treat for your partner when they run their tongue across your skin. 

It makes everything better - except coffee. Don't put it in your coffee.

Happy holidays everyone!