Pleasure Sucks! Suction Toys for Women

Pleasure sucks...or it should!

Up your orgasm game and give your beloved vibrator a bit of a break with a clit-eriffic suction toy!  Let's be honest and admit we’ve all been putting the miles on our vibrators during this pandemic - and we really do  love those vibrators for always being there for us - BUT honestly, even they can get a littel boring! It’s definitely time to add a little extra variety and a lot of wow factor to your sex life --- enter the magical clitoral suction toy. 

Womanizer Premium in Black

Clitoral Suction Toys add some serious wow factor and deliver the kind of pleasure that’ll make your toes curl so hard you’ll probably get a foot cramp.  They offer an entirely new and different sensation and deliver super powerful - did I just black out?- orgasms. 

How do Clitoral Suction Toys Work?

Clitoral suction stimulators create gentle, rhythmic inward/outward pulses of air for a sensation that feels like they're reaching deep within your core, pulling an incredibly luxuriously long and powerful orgasm out of you. 

Clitoral suction stimulators focus all their attention on those 8,000 nerve endings found in the clitoris. Many are waterproof and rechargeable.  A push of a button provides gentle and rhythmic stimulation that can usually be adjusted up or down in intensity - some also offer extra features like vibration, sonic pulses, or cruise control!

How to use a Clitoral Suction Toy

To use a clitoral suction stimulator, the soft hollow tip of the toy should be positioned directly over the clitoris. Apply a small amount of water based lubricant (we like Sliquid Sassy) to the soft tip of the toy to help form a seal around the clitoris - this will make the suction work better and keep friction at a minimum.

  Sliquid Sassy Lubricant

Once it's switched on, the toy will begin to pulse with gentle suction focused in the tip. The unique in/out pulsating action gently yet very, very effectively stimulates nerves and pleasure receptors in the clitoris to bring on intense sensation and, ultimately, powerful orgasm.  

Suction toys work great for solo pleasure and are an excellent addition to partner play.

How do I care for a Suction Toy?

All of our suction toys are waterproof and rechargeable, made with body safe silicone and ABS plastic.  Most of them also come with a discreet storage pouch.  Wash them with warm water and soap or a toy cleaner (we like Sliquid Shine), use water based lubricant, and store away from other toys.  That’s it, easy-peasy! 

Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner

How do I choose the right Suction Toy?

There’s 4 big names in clitoral suction toys.  The Womanizer, Lelo, We-Vibe, and Satisfyer.  While each brand's specific suction technology usually goes by different names, Womanizer uses "PleasureAir," Lelo's Sona uses "sonic wave," Satisfyer uses "Air Pulse," and We-Vibe uses “couples suction” they generally provide the same service: Sucking on your clitoris with or without extra features to take you over the edge.  

Like any other sex toy, there are tons of different styles, designs and features to choose from. Prices for clitoral suction stimulators generally range from about $25 to $225, depending on features, water resistance, battery life, noise, and quality.  It can be confusing and a little overwhelming when shopping for a clitoral toy online. 

All of our suction toys are great quality from fantastic premium brands.  Keep in mind that like anything else, you get what you pay for when shopping for a clitoral suction toy. All of these toys will bring you orgasms, but the difference in price will translate into things like how quiet they are, how much control they give you, how long a charge lasts, and other features like cruise control or smart phone apps.

In our opinion, it’s always better to spend a little bit more to get the features you really want so that you’re as happy with your purchase!