How To Guides

  • Navigating the lingerie jungle - a guide for men

    Over time I've discovered some tips that make picking out lingerie easier and which have usually yielded selections my partner enjoys. This was not always the case so I would like to share some things I've learned along the way in the hope my hard-won wisdom will be of use to you.

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  • Physical Pain and Sex

    The key to success is preparation. When you go for a run or visit a gym you stretch before exercising. When you're dealing with sore joints and muscles, it makes sense to take care of them before sex too. I'm not suggesting you take a time-out from passionate kissing to do some yoga, but I do think it makes sense to work some body care into foreplay. View Post
  • How to put on a condom

    At first, readers experienced in condom manipulation might think the process is relatively straight forward. A condom is a tube that slides on over a shaft, so the overall concept is fairly simple. However, the difficulty lies in the details of the process. There are some tricky steps to navigate when donning a condom and the task becomes all the more daunting if you don't have a penis of your own with which to practise. View Post