Caring For Toys For Men

Recently I was asked to write about male masturbators. After I'd created a rough outline for my autobiography, it was explained to me that people actually wanted to hear about toys used during masturbation by men, not men who masturbate. My book deal is now on the back burner so let's talk about masturbation toys for men. Specifically, what kinds of lube to use with them, how to keep them clean, how to dry them after cleaning, and where to keep them between uses.
I had a lot to say on the subject.

Hi, I'm Jay, a sex-positive (and clearly funny) man from Nova Scotia. I'm glad you could join me today as we talk about the care and maintenance of male masturbation aids.

With a handful of exceptions, most male masturbation toys are either rings or sleeves designed to be penetrated by a penis. Some are relatively simple, like the Tenga Egg collection. The "egg" opens to reveal a thin, textured sleeve which is pulled down over the top of the penis. It's a bit like a condom and, with a little lubrication placed on the inside, it feels warm and varied, making for an exciting enhancement during manual stroking of the penis. These are some of my favourite masturbation aids. The Tenga Egg is small, inexpensive, and there are a variety of textures available. It's a low-tech approach that feels really good.
I mean really good!

Other toys, like the Satisfyer Stroker are more high-tech. They're designed to be placed over the penis and then can be adjusted to provide more or less pressure on the shaft. These more advanced toys usually either rotate or use air pressure to suck the penis, providing an intense pleasurable sensation.


Many male masturbation toys are made of silicone, a popular material in sex toys that feels smooth and natural against the skin. Silicone feels good, but doesn't mix well with silicone-based lubricants and has a tendency to break down when used with silicone-based lubes. For this reason it's a good idea to stick to water-based lubes when using toys. Even if you're not sure if your toy has silicone parts, I recommend exclusively using water-based lubes with it just to be safe. Water-based lubes often feel "thinner" and I find them relatively easy to clean up after a scene is done.

Cleaning and drying

Most toys are pretty straight forward to clean. Your average male masturbation toy will usually open up the middle, exposing the hollow inside. The internal parts can then be washed with warm soap and water. You might also want to try using some toy cleaner for a fresher feel. Once the toy is clean, dry it with a bath towel or paper towel. Some toys (though not all) will allow you to pop the lining out so it can be more easily washed and rinsed in a sink.
Maybe he's washing dishes, maybe he just masturbated. We don't know.

Once the toy is dry, I recommend leaving it propped open and (when possible) keep the lining out. Lay the toy out on a fresh towel in a warm, dry place. This will allow the moisture to evaporate and avoid having wet places inside the toy where bacteria can grow.


Speaking of bacteria, it's a good idea to keep your toys in a cool, dry place between uses. These types of toys tend to have a lot of ridges and openings. If they are in a damp environment - either from being washed and not fully dried or left in a basement - then the toys can host mold or other unpleasantness. Keeping the toys in a nightstand or box that's dry will help a lot. If the toy develops a stale smell be sure to wash it again before using it.


In short, it's a good idea to keep water-based lube on hand (pardon the pun) for use with masturbation toys. After each use, take the toy apart and wash it with warm, soapy water. Then dry it off with a cloth or towel and leave it open to dry. Once the toy is dry, reassemble it and leave it in a dry place until you're ready to use it again.