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Stick on Strapless Bras

The ambiguous sticky bra - if your wardrobe contains anything strapless, backless, or low cut, a stick on bra has probably been a long awaited fantasy and a summer must-have. They remain ambiguous because they have a too-good-to-be-true quality. Do they work? How do they work? What if I have a little extra curve? Can I wear it more than once? Do they hurt to peel off? Etc. etc. etc. Sticky bras do work, and very well, but they have some exceptions - we're going to break down the do's and don'ts for you, and try to answer all your stick on bra questions.

Black stick on strapless braTan strapless stick on bra

A crucial tip while purchasing a sticky bra is always go up a cup size; if you’re a B you’re gonna want a C (our sticky bras range from A to D). You want to jump a cup size due to the backless and side-less structure of the bra - this means you’ll begin by placing the bra on the side or your breast, rather than directly on your front, hence the need for some extra cup. One perk to the sticky bras we carry here at Indulgence is adjustable cleavage - the lace-up front allows you to have a bit of cleavage control!  Keep the laces looser for a more modest look, cinch them together for some eye popping cleavage.

If stored properly - somewhere it’s unlikely to attract much lint (tip: store with a ziplock bag or plastic wrap between the sticky insides) - you’re bound to get 10-15 wears, at $15, this is cost-effective even if it doesn’t work perfectly for you.

Cleaning a sticky bra properly is also key in getting the best bang for your buck. Our favorite method is to spritz the bra with rubbing alcohol, this dissolves body oil and disinfects. You can also hand wash with warm, soapy water and hang to dry.

Now perhaps the biggest question of all - what if I have that extra curve? A sticky bra can still hold everything together, but we find it best to wear under loose fitting tops or dresses where you won’t notice the lack of support as much - or the complete opposite, wear it under something tight fitting that is already adding some extra support.

Sticky bras are handy for more than just your backless and strapless needs, they can also serve as an added support. If you have a corset you’re not quite filling, a sticky bra can provide that extra oomph you need for the perfect fit!

Here at Indulgence, we carry sticky bras in both black and nude so you can find something to slip under anything!

And last, but not least - stick on bras do not hurt at all to remove!  It's a slightly strange sensation but not uncomfortable and you will quickly get addicted to the comfort of going strapless.