Male Sexual Health

  • Ask Jay: What to do with a broken penis?

    One of the more common questions we have received since the pandemic started concerns erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a common occurrence in men who are under stress. View Post
  • Diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and sex

    Diabetes is a common condition which affects approximately 9% of the world's population - about half a billion people. Diabetes, whether it's Type 1 or Type 2, has a side-effect which triples the chances a man will suffer from erectile dysfunction. Why is this? View Post
  • Overcoming prostate problems

    When facing prostate problems and the common side effect of erectile dysfunction, there are a number of practical tools to help a man gain an erection. There are some forms of medication, such as the legendary Viagra, which can help. Personally, I like to focus on non-medicinal options. View Post