Male Sexual Health

  • Overcoming prostate problems

    When facing prostate problems and the common side effect of erectile dysfunction, there are a number of practical tools to help a man gain an erection. There are some forms of medication, such as the legendary Viagra, which can help. Personally, I like to focus on non-medicinal options. View Post
  • How to deal with erectile dysfunction

    Sooner or later it happens... It's time to engage in sexy activities, things are feeling hot, you're ready to plunge our throbbing manhood into your waiting partner! Only there is one slight problem: your manhood is not so much throbbing as it is napping. View Post
  • Put a Ring on It: Cock Rings 101

    Cock rings are a simple sex toy that can go a long way - for both partners! C-Rings are perfect for long lasting sex and extra stimulation. Let us tell you how they work and how to use them - we'll also let you in on our faves! View Post