Adult Sex Ed

  • When does sex start and stop for you?

    Sex can be fulfilling and naughty, it can be sweaty and spiritual, it can be connected and life affirming. Something I find that helps to insure everyone is having a good time, in whatever form that takes, is to set aside a common misconception about sex... View Post
  • Tips for introducing your partner to a new kink

    Let's say for a moment that you have a forbidden urge inside you, a sexy secret that rattles through your brain from time to time. Maybe it starts off as a stray thought, something fanciful that blew like a tumbleweed across the landscape of your mind once. Now it comes back to visit occasionally, whispering into your mind that it would be fun to tie up your partner and run ice cubes all over her curves, or that it would be hot if he playfully spanked you before sex. Regardless of the specifics of the fantasy, it keeps drifting back into your thoughts and it sounds hot; it gets you excited now whenever you think about it.

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Booty Play

    We're going back to basics in this beginner booty blog.  Learn the right techniques for safe and pleasurable anal play.  With instructions for first timers and answers to anal FAQ's. View Post