Getting out and meeting new, sexy people

For the most part it feels as though the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually coming to a close. More than half of the country's population is vaccinated, infectious cases are generally on the decline, and it is becoming more common for people to gather into groups to socialize.

In recent weeks I've encountered a lot of people saying they want to get back out and date again. A lot of people are interested in hook-ups, trying something new and kinky, or returning to the dating pool. This seems like a good opportunity to share some tips on connecting with people, especially those who are looking to add a little spice to their lives and try something new.
This isn't what I meant by trying spicy things in the bedroom. 

Let's start first with a favourite topic of mine: meeting kinky people. Kinks are fun, sometimes sexual, activities people can engage in. Typically a kink involves some form of bondage (like handcuffs), impact play (like spanking), or temporarily handing control over to another person (like role playing). We have talked about kink and BDSM in past articles.

Globally speaking, one of the easiest ways to get in touch with kinky people in your area, regardless of what sort of naughty fetish tickles the pleasure centre of your brain, is to join FetLife. FetLife is sort of like Facebook, but for kinky people. It's a social network which places a focus on networks of friends and joining groups. Groups are often organized around connecting people who have similar interests or who are located in a specific region.
It's hard to sign up to new websites wearing these. 

FetLife makes it fairly straight forward to find people who like the same activities you are interested in, and can show you a list of kink-oriented events in your region of the world. This is a handy way to get out and meet new people. For folks who are specifically looking to meet like-minded people in Nova Scotia, there is the Society Of Bastet, which is a kinky club located in Dartmouth. The group hosts beginner and orientation events to help people dip their toes into kinks.

What about if you are into swinging or swapping partners? Perhaps you and your partner want to try something new, specifically engaging sexually with another couple. While FetLife also has groups dedicated to sharing or swapping partners with other couples, it's not really the website's focus. For those of you who'd like to reach out to other couples who'd also like to open up their bedrooms, there are some dedicated websites such as Swinging Heaven and Adult Friend Finder. These sites will provide you the chance to connect with like-minded people in your area so you can arrange to meet up in person and see if you click.
Look at those inviting smiles! 

Maybe you got this far into this post and are wondering to yourself: Doesn't anyone just want to hook-up or date these days? What if I don't want to get tied up or share my lover with another couple? You're in luck too! A whole lot of luck since there is a massive industry designed specifically to help people connect for the sake of dating or having casual sexual encounters. The king of these tools is probably Tinder, but many people have recommended a similar dating app to me called Bumble. Bumble is a dating app which requires women to approach men, rather than the other way around. Men cannot message women first on Bumble. This prevents men from spamming women with unwanted, often highly explicit messages and tends to result in more carefully put together profiles.
Bumble blocks this guy for you. 

I'd also like to mention that if you follow Indulgence on Facebook or sign up for the Indulgence newsletter, then you'll have a chance to sign up for educational workshops. These workshops will teach people about sex, sex toys, and how to engage in kinks safely. It's a great opportunity to get questions answered in person and possibly meet some like-minded people in your community.

Whichever approach you take to meeting new people in your community, please remember to be careful. A lot of us have been couped up for several months, maybe more than a year. It's natural to want to rush head-long into a new sexual experience. But remember to get to know a person before putting yourself into a vulnerable position with them. We want you all to be safe out there as the world opens back up.