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  • The nü Senuelle Trinitii delivers a tantalizing tongue lashing

    The Trinitii is a toy where I can definitely see the good ideas behind the design. I mean who doesn't like a tongue and a little suction on their clit? Who wouldn't want a vibrating tongue on their clit that never gets tired? The Trinitii, in theory, basically offers mechanical oral sex. Which is a million dollar idea.

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  • Tenga Flip Zero

    The inside of the Flip is made of a soft, gel-like material which contains all sorts of bumps, nubs, curves, balls, and ridges. These are designed to stimulate in a variety of ways and provide light pressure to key regions. View Post
  • Magic is in the air - Magic Wand versus the Wand by We-Vibe

    A couple pits the classic Magic Wand against its new rival, the We-Vibe Wand, comparing the two in competition of feel, cost, and features. We explored the new We-Vibe Wand in a number of scenarios. I tried using it on her, she explored it on her own in a fun solo session, we also tried using it during sex, and in the bathtub.  So what did we find out? View Post