Product Reviews

  • Womanizer Duo Product Review

    Something Elle pointed out was that the Womanizer Duo's clit suction feature feels better to her than other suction toys we've tried in the past. She described it as smoother and more natural feeling than other toys. This, along with the added stimulation internally, quickly sent her soaring to lofty, climatic heights of pleasure. View Post
  • Fun Factory Miss Bi Product Review

    Since we liked the Lady Bi vibe so much we decided to try its close relative, the Miss Bi. The Miss Bi is a very similar toy with a similar design. Like the Lady Bi, this toy has two motors (one in the shaft and one in the clitoral simulator appendage). View Post
  • Who's the Big Boss?

    We also fired up the Womanizer to provide clit suction while the Big Boss filled Elle. This resulted in what I can best describe as a lighting quick, super intense, screaming orgasm. View Post