Product Reviews

  • Who's the Big Boss?

    We also fired up the Womanizer to provide clit suction while the Big Boss filled Elle. This resulted in what I can best describe as a lighting quick, super intense, screaming orgasm. View Post
  • Luna Beads Mini

    When we started exploring with the balls one of the first things we noticed is that they are still fairly light. Each ball probably weighs no more than a pencil or a USB thumb drive. The band that slips around the balls is firm yet stretchy and it's not difficult to nest the balls inside it prior to use. View Post
  • Raving over the We-Vibe Rave

    The We-Vibe Rave is designed to be used and enjoyed in multiple ways. Like any great vibrator, the Rave is perfect for stimulating the clitoris directly. The flattened head of the Rave covers the entire surface area of the clitoris. View Post