A great One Night Stand

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. How are you today? Some of our readers may be familiar with a family of special vibrating toys called the Satisfyer. In recent years the Satisfyer brand, and related products like the Womanizer have taken the adult toy market by storm. Unlike most vibrators of the past which focused on vaginal stimulation or creating a buzzing sensation on the tip of the clitoris, the Satisfyer family of toys take a more sensual approach.

There is a new sheriff in town


These toys have a tiny opening that slips over the clitoris and massages the sensitive bean, much like a little mouth making a sucking or kissing motion. These clit massagers have been, to put it mildly, a big success.

One might even say an amazing success


However, with great pleasure comes a great price tag. A introductory level Satisfyer or Womanizer toy can typically be purchased for about $90 and the higher end models, which have auto-pilot features and twelve speeds, fetch over $200. While these toys are amazing and I, even though I don't have a clitoris, highly recommend them, not everyone is prepared to slap down a hundred dollars to try out a new experience. For people who want to lower the bar to experiencing a clitoral massage, there is a demo toy called the One Night Stand.

Meet your new best friend


The One Night Stand is a basic model of the Satisfyer toy line with just one control button and a relatively simple form, compared to the sleek handles and curves of the full-featured model. The One Night Stand is just a little smaller than the palm of my hand, mostly flat on the sides, and features a small, round mouth.


To get started with the Stand we press the large power button on the bottom of the toy and it slowly starts to hum. The mouth slides over the tip of the clitoris and then pressing the power button again causes the toy to speed up and grow more intense. If we keep pressing the button, the Stand delivers more intense pulsing action. Holding down the power button causes the toy to shut off.


My partner, Elle, and I experimented with this toy a few times and she reported amazing, wonderful experiences all three times. This is a very convincing demo model and it's sure to attract people to the other members of the Satisfyer line-up.

A very convincing demo indeed!


There is a lot of pleasurable power in the little Stand and the delightful sucker only costs $25, making it very accessible. There is just one catch: the One Night Stand is meant to be a demo model, used a few times and then discarded. There is no way to recharge the Stand's batteries, meaning we get a limited amount of time with the toy. The instruction manual reported the Stand should be able to run up to an hour and a half, though I think our three sessions with it totalled a little under an hour when the power started to drop off. This means after a handful of sessions the ride is over and we need to decide whether to upgrade to the full Satisfyer model or try something else.


While the One Night Stand is a very effective toy and a great demonstration of what a Satisfyer can do at a reasonable price, the use-and-discard approach to this model bothers me. I don't like to throw anything away if I don't have to (he wrote from his nine year old laptop) and I prefer to purchase a few durable toys rather than many flimsy ones or ones which have a limited life by design. Personally, as impressed as I am by the sensations and effect the One Night Stand offers, I am also more inclined to search for toys that offer long-term quality rather than a one-and-done purchase. Now, to be entirely fair, it is technically possible to open the Stand and replace its AAA batteries with new ones to extend its life, but this is not its intended use and it's a pain to pry open the case.


In other words, I think the One Night Stand will be a big hit at conventions and sex shows where it can be passed out and tested cheaply. (Everyone likes free or inexpensive)samples!) I would suggest though if you're considering going into a shop and buying a toy in the Satisfyer family that getting the full model with rechargeable battery is well worth it. You'll get more time to experiment with it and the rechargeable battery means less electronic waste.