A mighty good ring

A cock ring, despite what the name suggests, is not a place where roosters go to wrestle or engage in boxing matches.

A cock ring is a round bit of material, often plastic or rubber, which fits around the penis and sometimes over the testicles.


Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman living in Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to talk to you about these special rings.

First you might be wondering why might someone want a piece of material wrapped firmly around their favourite appendage? Well, there are a few reasons. One is the ring places some pressure around the shaft of the penis, trapping a little bit of blood in the shaft. This encourages the penis to form and hold an erection. Some people use a cock ring in order to gain and maintain their erection longer. Other people just like the pressure, the extra grip around their main member and enjoy the sensation.

A bonus provided by some cock rings is the ability to vibrate. While not all rings include vibrators those that do can be used to stimulate a partner's clitoris during sex, or turned around to be placed up against a gentleman's testicles. Basically if either you or your partner enjoys an extra bit of buzz in your love making then a vibrating cock ring can be helpful.

With this in mind, my partner Elle and I picked up the Satisfyer Mighty One penis ring which includes a small vibrator. The Might One offers ten different vibration patterns which can be adjusted with the press of a button. This allows one (or either) participant to press a big, silver button to cycle through the vibe patterns until they find one they like.

Aaand off we go!

The Mighty One offers a relatively flexible ring. It's possible to bend and stretch the material a little facilitate getting ring placed on penis with minimal effort. i found interior of be comfortable neither too tight or loose. flexibility means it can hug shaft without feeling like is stuck.>
Once the ring is in place it can be adjusted up or down the shaft to press against (or avoid) sensitive areas. The vibrator and activation button sit in a bump on one side of the ring. The button is fairly large, making it possible to find and press it easily.

The vibrations put out by the Mighty One are relatively mild - enough to tease, but not enough to make my penis believe it is trapped in an earthquake. The pulses offered are more akin to a blender than a motorcycle. Which, for me, was a pleasant experience. I like a relatively light touch when it comes to buzzing sensations. Elle reported that the vibrations from the ring where pleasing and enhanced the experience, but wouldn't be enough to push her over the edge of Orgasm Peak.

Wait, how are blenders sexy? Oh!

For people who like to play with their toys "hands-off" or who want to be able to stimulate their partner with the vibrations from afar, the toy can be remotely controlled using the Satisfyer Connect phone app. I haven't had a chance to try the app yet, but based on previous experiences with similar toys, I think this is a nice addition. I like being able to rev up a toy using the phone, especially when one partner is out of town.

On the whole, Elle and I both had a good experience with the Mighty One. The toy adds a little bit of enjoyment, a little extra zip to the sexual experience. The combination of the vibrations, along with just the fun of having a new toy to play with, was enjoyable for both of us. I liked that the ring was fairly flexible - neither too tight or too loose - and possible to adjust once it was in place. Elle certainly enjoyed the tingling buzzing sensations the ring can provide.

This cock ring has more bells and whistles than average - more speeds, more flexibility, plus remote control options. I think it makes for a fun "couples" toy.