We Vibe Tango Review

Dancing is an imitation of sex. Two people moving together, touching, their breaths mingling. One of the most connected, passionate dances in the world is the tango, which is probably why We-Vibe named one of their most intimate vibrators after this dance.

The We-Vibe Tango X is a discrete little vibrator that is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket. The tiny device is approximately the same size and shape as a tube of lipstick, but a lot more fun to apply!
Small, sensual, powerful.

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia and, with my partner Elle, we decided to try out the Tango. We are fans of small, powerful toys - particularly bullet vibrators. They tend to deliver a lot of exciting, buzzing sensations in one small area. Plus they are super convenient to transport as they can be carried in any bag or pocket.

The Tango has a small charge plate at the base which can be used to recharge the toy over a USB connection. The base is also home to three small buttons, that are slightly raised. These buttons increase the toy's vibration intensity, adjust the pattern of vibrations (there are eight patterns from which to choose), and a button that turns down the intensity. The "down" button will also turn off the toy if it is held or pressed repeatedly.

Despite the Tango's compact size, it can get surprisingly powerful. The little toy starts off with a soft hum, but quickly ramps up as the "up" button is pressed. Though not entirely silent, the Tango is on the quieter end of the spectrum, making it possible to use in the bedroom or bathtub without alerting others in the house. Yes, I said bathtub, as the Tango is waterproof and can be used under water. This may be Elle's favourite aspect of this tiny toy.
The Tango offers bathtub bliss.

We've tried a handful of sessions with the Tango so far. A few in bed, with Elle using it on herself, with me using it on her, in the bathtub... and the tiny Tango has delivered each time. Elle likes that it is relatively short and so the Tango can be angled with minimal effort. With some longer toys, like wands, if you want to press the toy more directly against the body, that means holding the handle further away and angling the toy back toward yourself. With the Tango, a little twist of the wrist is enough to turn it around.

Elle also reported that she likes that the Tango has three distinct surface areas. The tip of the "lipstick" is narrow and hard. It vibrates quite a bit and can be used, especially on the lower settings, to target a throbbing sensation in a specific spot.
The tip tantalizes.

Just past the hard tip is a flat surface. This spreads out the buzzy sensation just a little and offers more of a rumble and less of a tapping sensation compared to the tip. This flat part, especially when the toy is turned up high, really prods the prancing pony of passion over the peak of Orgasm Hill. The third region is the rounded shaft of the Tango which offers less intensity over a wider area. It provides a massage-like sensation over a space about the size of a large finger.

One of my favourite characteristics of this toy is that it's small enough to use during intercourse. It can be part of the warm-up leading into sex, and then kept around, sandwiched between our bodies. The toy is small enough I barely notice it's there, but Elle definitely notices its warm buzzing!
It makes her feel like this.

The Tango is rechargeable and can last, based on our experience, multiple sessions. It delivers both soft and (for its size) surprisingly powerful vibrations. The raised buttons at base of the toy are fairly easy to reach and adjust by feel. Elle really likes this toy for the focused, powerful vibrations. I like how light it is to hold, how easily it slips into my pocket for use outside the bedroom. Neither of us have any complaints about the Tango and it's quickly becoming one of our favourite toys!