Hands-Free Pleasure with the We-Vibe Jive

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. This is my new toy, a We-Vibe Jive.

Say hello, Jive.

What is a Jive, you ask? The We-Vibe Jive is a small, round vibrator that is designed to be worn inside the vagina. The egg-like shape and soft coating help the Jive sit comfortably inside the vagina while it presses lightly against your G-spot.

The Jive has a thin, flat tail which houses the power button. The tail remains outside the body, providing easy access to the on/off button. This also offers something we can grip to tug the Jive out after we're done with it.

Apart from its G-spot pleasuring design, what does the Jive have going for it? While it may not look fancy at first glance, the Jive has a lot to offer! For instance, the Jive features ten modes of vibration with varying degrees of intensity and patterns. This means you can vary up your session by tapping the power button. Since it may be difficult to reach the button while the toy is in use, the Jive offers remote control options through the We-Vibe We-Connect apps for iOS and Android devices.

Can you feel me now?

On the subject of remotely controlled toys, one of my preferred things to do with remote vibrators is to use them in pubic places - restaurants, theatres, Zoom meetings... The Jive is fairly quiet and is hard to hear from more than a foot away. This makes it the ideal stealth toy, able to be used just about anywhere - except maybe the library. This is an ideal toy to try out if you're hoping to spice up bath time without alerting everyone else in the house.

Covert operations in progress.

Yes, I said bath time! The Jive is waterproof so you can take it for a dip in the tub or in a Jacuzzi. This, combined with the ability to remotely control the toy's intensity makes it great for a long, sexy soak.

Speaking of intensity, how intense is it? My partner Elle described the Jive as being pleasantly medium in its "buzz". The toy offers enough power to gradually build one's sexual excitement - it'll help you climb Pleasure Peak - but I suspect for most people it'll be a gradual ascent. The Jive isn't here to wow you right away or rattle your teeth with its hum, it's here to coax you along with a hot, internal massage.

Elle and I tried the Jive a handful of times so far. We've found it to be a good toy to use when we want to build tension - it's a good foreplay accessory. The Jive doesn't have the focused intensity of some of our other toys, particularly clitoral vibes. What it does do is offer medium G-spot stimulation which is a great addition to a date night, a massage, kink scenes, or other pre-sexual adventures. The Jive gets things started and we've found we usually want to add another toy (or switch toys) toward the climax.

Elle reported she especially liked having the tail of the Jive tugged a little during foreplay. Giving the tail a gentle pull caused the Jive to shift inside her and its sliding back and forth felt great.

The Jive spices up office work too!

The only complaint we had with the Jive was it tended to drop the remote control connection with my phone too easily. In one scene we lost the remote Bluetooth connection three times in about ten minutes, requiring we either leave the toy at its existing vibration pattern or reset it. Fortunately the toy keeps humming along, even if it loses connection with the phone.

The connection issues aside, we very much liked the Jive, especially for foreplay. It's a great toy to use while watching a show, going for a walk, or eating at a restaurant. It's something to get the senses tingling before getting into more intense play. The waterproof nature makes it a good hot tub accessory too and its gentle, persistent hum, makes kink scenes more pleasurable too!

We like the Jive as a method for heating up a massage or even pairing it with an external, clit-focused toy like the Womanizer. The combination of internal and external vibrations at the same time produced powerful results!

We give the experience a 10/10.