Icicles are hot!

Glass pleasure toys have a number of benefits to them. Glass is smooth, pleasantly hard, and easy to clean after a play session. Glass can be formed into all sorts of interesting shapes while maintaining a rigid structure making it both visually and sensationally intriguing. As a bonus, glass toys can be used with all kinds of lubricant as the glass won't break down when paired with silicone lube.

Elle and I didn't own any glass toys until recently, but we found ourselves browsing Indulgence's selection of Icicles, a collection of glass toys that come in a wide variety of shapes an sizes. Some of the Icicles have similar dimensions to other fairly standard dildos, though with a delightful shiny and transparent look to them. All of them are colourful and the colours are used to visually highlight the bumps, ridges, and contours of the toys.

How cool looking is this thing!?

We decided to get two toys which seemed quite dissimilar from each other. One was a colourful red and blue dildo with a strong curve to its glass shaft and a lot of little bumps placed along its middle section. The other was a long, straight rod with rings around the middle. We gradually incorporated these two new toys into our rotation to gradually get a sense for them and- Okay, who am I kidding? We took home the boxes and ripped them open like greedy children taking speed on Christmas morning!

We started with the curved blue and red toy. This toy is of average size, both in diameter and in length, so it offers perhaps a more natural fit. The curve is quite pronounced, and bends at more than a 40 degree angle, if I'm not mistaken, over its entire length. Both ends of the toy are rounded and could be used for penetration though we focused on using the clear, bell-shaped end as the "tip" and the red, ball-shaped end as the handle.

Let the games begin!

Both ends, including the one we were using as the "tip" of the toy are somewhat wider than the main shaft. Elle reported this makes penetration a more intense. Not bad at all, she clarified, though certainly the first moment of penetration set off some internal sparks.

Glass toys tend to feel cooler than other dildos, even when kept at room temperature. They are also firm and unyielding, compared to most dildos and vibrators. This means the Icicles offer a unique sensation that is both cool and hard. The curve of the first toy allows it to press against the G-spot or, if it is rotated slightly, any other spot we may wish to stimulate.

Elle mentioned she particularly liked the sensation of the little bumps along the shaft as the toy moved inside her. The bumps, while not large, are more pronounced than on some other ridged toys and condoms and their size is enhanced by the fact the glass doesn't give way under pressure. The bumps are smooth and provide a bit of massaging pressure to the vaginal wall.

Wait, is it vaginal "wall" or "walls"?

Elle found the first Icicles toy to be highly pleasurable, especially when moved slowly back and forth. Combining the curved glass with another toy, such as a bullet vibrator, offered quick and powerful ecstasy. The red and blue glass toy soon became a favourite.

For my part, I like this toy too. It's weighty, not not overly heavy. The base, with its bulb, is easy to grip. I like that it is a toy which can be moved slowly with maximum effect and the cool glass can be used for both penetration play and temperature sensation play.

After several amazing sessions with the curved toy we moved on to the straight glass rod. The straight toy is highlighted in pink and the shaft is about eight inches in length. The base of the toy is flat and flared which means that it can stand on its own. This is handy if you want it stand it up on a counter after washing it, a nightstand for easy access, or the floor for a solo session. The flared base also makes this a safer toy than most dildos for anal sessions as it won't easily slip entirely into your bottom.

Straight glass dildo -- Safety first.

This toy is quite long and has a relatively small head at the end, making it slide into the vagina more smoothly. It has less of an intense entry, though Elle mentioned the cool feel of the glass still has a lovely effect on her.

Once it's inside, the straight glass toy has ribs which add extra stimulation during the session. Personally, I really like the straight toy. Like its counterpart it is easy to hold at the base, it's solid but not overly heavy. I may prefer the straight glass toy as its lack of a strong curve makes it easier for me to manipulate inside my partner. I can focus on moving it back and forth without needing to twist or turn it.

Elle said she had an incredible time with this toy the first time we used it. I went down on her while filling her with this toy and she loved the experience, reaching climax in near-record time. The second time we used it we paired it with some tingling Sliquid Spark lubricant. Spark enhances the experience by causing a cool, minty tingling sensation. This, combined with the unyielding body of the toy and the ribbed shaft resulted in Elle enjoying multiple intense orgasms.

A part of this complete bedroom experience

Elle and I are relatively new to glass dildos, but we both quickly became fans of these two Icicles. The toys are solid, easy to clean, and easy to grip. Elle says they feel amazing and she continues to have wonderful orgasms from them, especially when coated with tingling lubrication. She particularly likes the bumps and ridges on both toys which she says feel incredible. Sometimes we use the glass toys for sensation play too, running the cool glass over her skin,

The one concern either of us had with these toys is Elle found the long, straight rod was so great in length she has trouble holding onto the base and using the toy on her own. The shorter, curved toy is easier for her to hold and play with solo, but it really helps to have someone lending a hand when using the longer toy as it doesn't curve back toward the hands of the person it is inside.

This one minor issue aside, we were both very pleased with the two Icicles. They provide an intense experience and can be used with various lubes to provide hot or cool sensations to match the already great feeling offered by their textured surfaces.