Indulgence Massage and Body Oil Review

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive and experimental gentleman from Nova Scotia. I'm a fan of giving massages and have the minor honour of owning my own massage table. Periodically I like to try out different massage and body lotions in an effort to find ones which enhance the experience.


Finding a good massage oil can be difficult because there are a number of factors to consider. Will it feel good being rubbed on? Will it come off easily or leave behind a sticky residue? Does it smell nice? Does it smell too strongly? Is the bottle easy to open and close with newly slick hands and will the dispenser spray lotion everywhere? Will my partner be irritated by, or allergic to, anything in the lotion? You could say I've had a wide range of experiences when it comes to working with various massage oils and I'm always looking to find products which check all the right boxes.


This week I was curious to try out a new type of body lotion developed by Indulgence. The Indulgence Massage and Body Oil certainly sounded promising on paper. The oil's description is as follows:

Indulgence Essentials Sensual Blend is an all-natural, professional glide massage oil that uses the finest fusion of vitamin-rich skin oils to provide an unparalleled slip and penetrating softness. This non-greasy oil formula leaves the skin smooth and supple post-massage. This heavenly scented, all-natural, professional grade massage oil is 100% vegan and free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil, dyes, phthalates, propylene glycol, sulfates and alcohol.

The packaging

This certainly seemed promising so I picked up two of the five blends: Muscle Melt and Sensual. Upon getting the two blends home my partner Elle and I wasted no time in trying them out. One of the first things we noticed is the bottles have a professional look to them. The containers are glass, tinted brown to protect the contents against UV light. The glass also makes it easier than an opaque plastic would to tell how much oil is left in the bottle.

It smells like Heaven in here

 The top of the container has a screw-on cap with a built-in eye dropper. I particularly like having the dropper because it means I don't need to pour or pump lotion out of the bottle onto my hand or Elle's back. This is always a risky process with massage oils as you never know just how much you're going to get. A pump action bottle might provide a little squirt or an entire handful while the eye dropper means measuring out the lotion is easy and, more importantly, clean. A little of this oil goes a long way and I can do a short back rub session with just six to eight drops.

What does it smell like?

Both Elle and I are sensitive to scents. We're not allergic, but we find strong or artificial scents irritating. We were pleased to discover both oils had a relatively mild scent which dissipated as the oil was rubbed in. I also found afterwards that the body oil washed off my hands without leaving behind a strong smell. The Sensual edition of the body lotion smells like roses with a hint of citrus which I personally liked a lot. The Muscle Melt bottle smells of peppermint which quickly became Elle's favourite.


Applying the oil

From my point of view both oils felt the same in my hands, despite the different scents. The oils were applied to Elle's skin using the eye dropper, starting out with just half a dozen drops and I occasionally added more later in the session as the liquid was rubbed into her skin. The oil is slick without being overly slippery. Using a minimal amount of the lotion, especially early on, worked well as it provided some glide to the massage without making Elle's skin overly wet. The oil, in a way, seemed to “fit” with Elle's skin, softening the surface without creating its own, extra layer the way I find baby oil and creamy lotions typically do.

Adding a touch of peppermint to your day


The clean-up

Some massage lotions evaporate, leaving being a sticky mess. Others remain in place, wet and slick, making moving about a slippery experience afterwards. These two body lotions fit into a pleasant, yet rare, middle ground. The lotion left Elle's skin feeling moisturised and soft without leaving behind a film or dampness. There was no need for her to shower before putting on clothes or getting into the bed sheets. On my end of things, I simply gave my hands a quick wash to remove the final hints of the oil and scent; both lotions rinsed off without much effort.


Other body oil blends

Apart from the two lotions we tried, the Muscle Melt and Sensual oils, there are three other flavours. There is an Energizing blend, a Relax blend, and a Buddha blend. The Buddha blend is special in that it contains hemp oil and 500mg of CBD powder dissolved into the formula. We haven't tried this one yet, but I suspect it offers a slightly more relaxing experience for people who appreciate just a touch of CDB mixed into their massage experience.



Both Elle and I greatly enjoyed the two flavours of body lotion (Muscle Melt and Sensual) we tried. In particular we liked how the experience felt smooth, pleasant, and relaxing from start to finish. There are a number of good body oils out there, but the devil is in the details. I've used some good lotions that came in bottles that squirted the lotion all over the place or which applied well, but left residue behind. I've tried others which felt good, but stank up the room and resulted in them never being used again.

You can feel a sense of relaxation in the room just looking at this picture


The Massage and Body Oil we got from Indulgence provided a positive experience from start to finish. We liked the translucent bottles which allow us to see how much oil is left. We both greatly appreciated the eye dropper as a way to get exactly the right amount of oil onto Elle for our session. While we both shy away from strong scents, these lotions were both mild and pleasant to our noses. The oils felt great going on (for both of us), lasted a long time, and rubbed in thoroughly. This meant Elle had no clean-up to do at all and I could simply rinse my hands after. In short, the Indulgence body oil gave us a trouble-free, smooth experience which we quickly wanted to repeat.