Sliquid Flavoured Lubricant Review

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive, playfully naughty man living in Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to share one of my favourite sex accessories (sexories?) with you.


In the past we've talked about a company called Sliquid on this blog. They are the makers of the Splash feminine wash one of my peers talked about previously.


Starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah


Today I'd like to talk about something else the lovely minds over at Sliquid dreamed up: Sliquid Lubricant. In particular, I was to talk about Sliquid's collection of flavoured lubricants.


My partner Elle and I were on the hunt for a new lubricant. We'd tried some which felt too thin and seemed to evaporate too quickly. Some others we tried were thick and sticky, which worked okay in the moment but were hard to clean up afterwards. We remained optimistic though and were intrigued by Sliquid's line of flavoured slippery products. In particular we acquired small bottles of the Tangerine Peach, Pink Lemonade, Cherry Vanilla, and Green Apple flavours.


How does it smell?


Since we tend to be able to smell things before we touch them, I was curious about the scent of Sliquid. I'm pleased to report that none of the flavours Elle and I tried have a strong odour. Some flavoured products I've encountered before come with a distinct, sometimes chemically smell, but Sliquid is mild and I hardly noticed it even when the bottle was under my nose.

Part of a complete breakfast


Most importantly how does it taste?


I have tried a few products which make similar attempts to provide flavour as well as glide. Usually I find they either are overly sweet or simply smell like the intended fruit or spice without the corresponding flavour. The Sliquid products I have tried so far have all tasted quite close to the fruit or treat they are imitating. I wouldn't say it's ever a perfect fit (I'm not going to accidentally drink a glass of Sliquid Pink Lemonade and mistake it for a refreshing beverage), but the flavours are pretty close to the real thing. I could identify the Apple and Cherry Vanilla flavours blindfolded, if called upon to do so. Both Elle and I tend to prefer snacks that are sour or salty over sugary and we appreciated that these flavoured lubricants are not particularly sweet either.


Everyone's personal taste will vary, but we each sampled the above four flavours and agreed that our favourites were Green Apple and Cherry Vanilla. The former because it has a pleasantly tart tang to it and the latter because the vanilla flavour was more subtle than on other products and blended nicely with the cherry. Our evaluations on Pink Lemonade differed. I found it to be overly sour while Elle wanted it to be more tart and less sweet. We both liked Tangerine Peach and found it to be a good mixture. It wasn't our favourite, but we both thought it offered a pleasant taste.

My favourite kind of pie


Yes, but how does it feel?


In a word, Sliquid feels amazing! And I know what you're thinking, "Jay, all lubricant feels amazing, that's why people use it!" That is true, we use lubricant because it puts some slickness into the whole experience, cutting down on uncomfortable friction. Most lubes do this pretty well. What struck me about Sliquid though is that it finds a really good balance between being slippery enough to make sexual interactions smooth and not being too good at removing sensation from skin-on-skin friction.


In the past I've found some lubricants are too thin and either don't do enough to make sex feel smooth while others go on thick and deaden sensation. Sliquid does a really nice job of removing any uncomfortable friction while still providing tantalizing sensations. It's similar to the difference between having a thick condom that makes it feel like we're fornicating through a screen door and an ultra-thin condom that comes close to providing a natural skin-on-skin feeling. There is a little loss of sensation - both Elle and I found that it took a bit longer for us to climax when Sliquid was used directly on our genitals due to the extra slip-n-slide factor. Though this was minimal, and we tended not to mind that particular side effect.


Cool and refreshing

Personally, my favourite way to use Sliquid was during manual stimulation. Usually hand-on-genital contact is relatively dry and a little dollop of the lubricant on the fingers provided a wonderfully slick sensation. Elle commented that she liked using Sliquid during oral sex. Part of the appeal was from the variety of flavours, the little something extra the Green Apple and Cherry Vanilla tastes provided. She also said that the Sliquid both smoothed out the sensations of performing oral and helped out as a saliva substitute. (Maybe the Sliquid folks can market this stuff as a cure for dry mouth?)


How long does it last?


Admittedly I did not have a stopwatch on me while testing the lubricant. (Timing things might have seemed rude, given the ... test conditions.) However, I'd say an application of the lube generally lasted longer than expected. The Sliquid lubricant seemed to have two phases. The first, immediately after it was applied, provided a relatively thick, smooth lubrication experience. Over the course of two-to-five minutes the lube would be spread around or evaporate a little and leave a thinner layer that provided some slickness, though not as much. Generally, by the time we reached the second phase, additional lubrication was not required.


What is clean-up like?


Clean-up is generally straight forward and fairly effortless. I find Sliquid tends to evaporate or wear off gradually and mostly takes care of its own clean-up. I was happy to find Sliquid doesn't leave behind a sticky film or globby mess. Sometimes, when we used a lot, there would be a light sheen of the lube left which could be easily rinsed or wiped off.


Ironically this stuff makes it harder to tie a knot in a cherry stem

Some final thoughts


Something that occurred to me while we were testing these lubricants was that usually lube is something that, for me at least, is a means to an end. It's a way to facilitate something else, like sexual penetration; the lubricant is not something I want for its own sake. Sliquid is subtly changing the way I think about lube. This is a rare product that feels good to use, not just to assist in making sex happen, but as a bonus to be enjoyed during sex. It's not messy, it's not too sweet, and most importantly it feels good. It's slick enough to do its job, while being thin enough to avoid removing too much sensation. Put another way, it removes the unpleasant friction without removing the good friction during sexual play. It's just a nice bonus that it tastes good too.