Jingle Bell 4 Point Nipple Grips Review

Hello dear reader, how do you do? I'm Jay, a sex-positive, kinky gentleman from Nova Scotia. During the Christmas holiday season I stumbled across a toy which was able to both intrigue me on a kinky level and be festive. This toy is a set of nipple clamps with jingling bells on them.

Well, to be perfectly accurate, the toy is described as being a set of nipple grips. What's the difference between a nipple clamp and a nipple grip, you ask? A clamp typically uses pressure from a weight or spring to squeeze the nipples. It provides consistent pressure from two sides like a set of pinching fingers. A nipple grip, as it turns out, uses adjustable pressure from two or more sides.
This is a set of nipple grips with bells.

As you can see in the picture above, instead of applying steady pressure from two sides the way a pair of alligator clamps or clothes pins would, this toy uses a set of screws which can be turned to tune the pressure on the nipple from four directions. The screws are quite fine with each turn affecting the position of the screw by less than a millimetre.

While the tiny screws may look nasty and as though they'd dig into the skin, the tips are relatively flat, applying a small amount of pressure on each of the four sides.

In my case, I put the nipple grips, complete with jingle bells, aside to use as a stocking stuffer at Christmas and then didn't get around to taking them out and trying them for a few weeks. Once I remembered them, in late January, my partner, Elle, and I took them for a test drive.

Elle and I have used nipple clamps in the past and generally had a good time with them. Elle tends to prefer the sensation of gentle pressure over intense, focused pressure. One of the reasons we picked out these grips was we find traditional nipple clamps often have one of two failings. They either pinch too hard, causing discomfort, or they're too soft and easily slip off. There are exceptions - goldilocks-style clamps which are just right - but they've been rare. We were hoping, going into this test run, the new nipple grips would allow for more fine-tuned adjustment and be comfortable for Elle to wear without sliding off.
This is just what comes up when I search for "Sexy Goldilocks Example".

The grips are each made up of a small, metal circle with four screws evenly placed around it. One side has the bells and a light, metal chain which links one grip to the other. To use the nipple grips we first back off the screws to open up the space in the middle of the circle, then place the circle over a nipple and tighten the screws.

The concept is simple, though there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that it becomes necessary to keep the nipple hard while the screws are being applied. If your partner has shy nipples this may result in alternating between coaxing them and tightening the screws. Another thing to keep in mind is the "bottom" screw is attached to the same area as the bells and chain which makes it difficult to tighten without moving the whole metal circle out of place. It's a good idea to start with this screw as the other three are easier to turn without moving the metal ring.

Something else I noticed was that any nipple you plan to grip with this toy need to stick out at least as high as the top of the metal circle. If a person has flatter nipples then the screws won't be able to grip.

Luckily, for us, Elle has nipples which are well suited to this toy. We were able to get the screws in place (with a few stops and restarts to get the screws aligned properly). Once the grips were in place we quite enjoyed the jingle of the bells when she moved and the nice, long chain which could be tugged for extra sensations. The screws, while small, did not dig in too much. We did spend some time adjusting them a bit to find the proper balance between being too tight and being backed off to the point they'd slip. Once we found the happy medium Elle found the grips to be very comfortable and they easily stayed in place. She said when the chain was pulled it felt better ("less pinchy") than other nipple clamps we've tried because the sensations were distributed all around the nipple. Basically the four screw spread out the pressure more than classic clamps with just two points of contact.
Two points of contact means more ouchiness.

After a few trials with the new nipple grips we found several things we enjoyed about them, but we also found some inconveniences. This nipple toy requires nipples of a certain size (and consistent firmness) as it takes a while to screw on the grips. We also found having the bells and chain placed beside one screw meant that screw had to be tightened first, before putting the metal circle over the nipple. Otherwise the bells would get in the way. Since there are four screws it took a little longer to adjust them compared to the one screw (or slider) most other nipple clamps offer. In short, putting on this toy takes longer and a bit more precision.

Once the toy is in place though it has some great benefits. Elle said she could barely feel the clamps at their loosest setting and they offered just a gentle pinch at the tighter settings. This meant she could wear them for longer periods of time with greater comfort. She also reported tugging on the chain felt better and more balanced. Plus the tinkle from the bells added a subtle music to our scenes which was fun. Finally, something I appreciated is the metal circle fits around the nipple, but not over the top the way some beginner-focused soft clamps do. This leaves the top of the nipple exposed to fingers, tongue, ice, or wax.
These and some ice make nipple play so much more fun!

In short, I'd say this is a great toy for people who like on-going nipple play. These grips don't go on as quickly and easily as other nipple clamps, but once they are in place they can be worn longer and used in scenes that involve more types of play, tugging, and movement without the clamps coming off or getting in the way.