Love Bath Gel

Hi, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia. Last Christmas my partner Elle and I received a box of Love Bath Gel. What is Love Bath Gel? It's a powder which you can pour into your bath water to turn it into a collection of thousands of tiny, jelly-like bubbles. These bubbles are soft, warm, and wet and are intended to both soften and clean your skin. Not to mention they feel pleasantly squishy against your skin. If you've ever thought it would be fun to slip and slide around in a tub of Jell-O, this stuff is for you!

How does it work?

There are a number of flavours of Love Bath Gel, but they all work approximately the same. A box of the Bath Gel contains a small instruction booklet and two bags of powder. These bags are helpfully labelled with a big 1 and 2 on them. The instructions tell us to fill a bath tub with warm water and then pour in the contents of bag #1. The material in bag #1 feels a little like icing sugar. This bright coloured powder mixes with the water and quickly causes the water to turn into a jelly-like collection bubbles - tens of thousands of tiny beads that rolls over your skin and slide between your fingers.

It's easy to remember in which order to use these bags.

Shortly before it's time to get out of the tub we can pour in the powder from bag #2, which feels a lot like salt. As the material from bag #2 mixes with the beads, they melt and turn back into water. In the end, we're left with a tub full of brightly coloured bath water that has a few grains of salt-like material in it. We can then drain the tub, letting the water go down the drain, and rinse off.

I tried the Dragon Fruit flavour of the Love Bath Gel and found it worked exactly as advertised. Well, perhaps a little better than advertised. The instructions mention, along with some warnings about not eating the packets of powder, that it takes around ten minutes for the powders to work their magic - both creating the gel bubbles and dissolving them afterwards. In my case the first bag of powder turned my bath into a mixture that felt like fine, warm couscous in about 30 seconds. When I stirred in the second package the water returned to its normal liquid form in about 2 minutes. (Though the water was still a bright pink when I was finished.)

Bath gel is fun alone or with another person.

The instruction booklet also mentions the gel may linger on the skin and I was concerned it might stain my skin a bright pink. In reality, the gel rinsed off with minimum effort and no colouring was left behind. The Dragon Fruit gel does have a sweet smell to it and this remained on my skin for a few hours after I rinsed it off my body.

Why bathe in balls of jelly?

All of the above explains the mechanics of how Love Bath Gel works, but what does it feel like? Why would a person want to bathe in tiny, sweet-smelling balls that feel like Jell-O? It's hard to describe why the Bath Gel feels so cool, but it is sort of like a cross between standing on a beach with warm, wet sand between your toes mixed with squeezing a stress ball in your hand. There is a sense of de-stressing joy that comes from the experience. It's like popping tiny sheets of bubble wrap between your fingers while laying in warm water. The gel is both fun to play with and relaxing at the same time.
I feel more relaxed just looking at this picture. 

In short, there is a sort of peaceful luxury mixed with a sweet smell you get from the Love Bath Gel. It mixes the fun of playing in the sand with the experience of a bubble bath and I had fun with it.

A few more tips

Earlier I mentioned that the little instruction manual which comes with the bath powders warns against eating the bath mixture. I'd like to also add that it provides a few other helpful tips. One is that if the gel doesn't all dissolve when packet #2 is added to the bubble beads, that the little balls can be eliminated by adding some salt and more warm water. The combination of salt and water pops the bubbles and helps return them to regular bath water.

The other helpful tip is that this gel should not be poured into a hot tub or a bath tub with jets. The gel bubbles can get drawn into the jets and leave behind some of the soft film. It's best to use the Love Bath Gel in plain bath tubs that don't have jets or other moving parts to avoid clogging them.

While I first thought I'd need to empty the entire bag of bath gel into the tub, I experimented using smaller doses. The amount a person will need to turn all their bath water into a gel-filled experience will vary depending on the size of the tub. In my case it looks like one box of the Love Bath Gel is enough to handle three, or maybe four, baths. I recommend starting off with a small amount and adding more powder as needed.

Finally, though not mentioned in the instructions, I'd recommend enjoying the gel bath with a partner - someone who can rub the little bubbles all over your back. The tiny bubbles feel soft and squishy and warm, which can feel really great. Being able to rub them over someone else or have them pour the beads over your skin feels amazing!