Luna Beads Mini Product Review

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from the east coast of Canada. My girlfriend, Elle, has bigger balls than I do.

It's hard to admit that out loud, but in my defence, hers are artificial. Specifically, she's enjoying a new set of Luna Beads. What are Luna Beads, you might ask, my dear curious reader? Luna Beads are a particular type of kegel ball. A kegel ball is a small, smooth, marble-like object which is placed in the vagina. Typically two balls are inserted at the same time. The person wearing them then grips the balls with their pelvic muscles to hold them in place or shift them around. Gripping the balls and feeling them move will ideally feel good. It'll also help the wearer practise gripping with their vaginal muscles so she can massage her partner's penis (or finger) during intercourse.

Basically, the balls are both a workout toy and a source of pleasure at the same time. It's like having an exercise bike with a vibrating seat. (Hang on, I need to go file a patent!)
Drat, someone beat me to it!

Elle had a set of starter kegel balls in the past. They were fairly light and relatively wide. She was of the opinion they didn't really feel like much and their width meant no effort was required to hold them in place. We decided recently to try something smaller and got our hands on the Luna Beads Mini. These are a little heavier than the balls Elle had before, while also being a little smaller in diameter.
Behold, my girlfriend's balls!

The Luna Beads come in two pairs, a blue set and a pink set. One pair is slightly heavier than the other (28g versus 37g). The balls come with a little hammock or band which can slip around the balls. The band holds the balls together and makes it easier to orient them (one in front of the other) when inserted. One end has a string which can be used to gently remove the beads. Elle particularly likes the string as it means there's no risk of the balls getting lost inside.

When we started exploring with the balls one of the first things we noticed is that they are still fairly light. Each ball probably weighs no more than a pencil or a USB thumb drive. The band that slips around the balls is firm yet stretchy and it's not difficult to nest the balls inside it prior to use.

I suspect most people will want to introduce a little lubrication to ease getting the balls and their hammock inside. To do this I recommend a neutral, water-based lube. Using other lubes, such as silicone-based ones, may degrade the band.
Better lube for a better fit.

Once Elle had inserted a set of balls we waited to see what her first impressions would be. She reported the balls on their own didn't draw her attention. Once they'd settled into place, when she was holding still (sitting on the couch, for example) she tended not to notice them. When she was up and walking around or shifting positions she'd sometimes feel them. The balls tended to shift a little and offer a subtle reminder they were in place.

The Luna Beads don't move on their own or vibrate, they're small and light, so they don't (on their own) provide stimulation. They're like a stress toy - the fun is in squeezing them, interacting with them, seeing if you can shift them. They interact with you as much as you interact with them.

Though they tended to be subtle, one nice aspect of the Luna Beads Elle reported enjoying was they made her feel more full and added a "pleasant pressure" when she was using a vibrator. When using a toy, such as the We-Vibe Touch or the Womanizer, Elle said the feeling was more intense and felt better with the Luna Beads inside her. They added just a little more sensation on and around her G-spot and that make the balls a nice addition to play time.
A very nice addition!

While I didn't use the beads directly, I enjoy the thought of them. There is something hot about going out somewhere, knowing your partner is massaging a toy no one can see. They're a little sexy secret two people can share during a meal or a visit to a friend's house. There is a naughty implication which suggests "Right now I'm squeezing something secret in public and later I'm going to squeeze you in private." I can't see the internal massage happening, but I'm aware it's there and that is exciting.

The Luna Beads are a cool "passive toy". They don't vibrate, have a remote control, or tingle. They let you come to them, invite you to interact with them, offer to be your shared sexy secret. They add a little pressure, a little reminder of your sexuality for as long as you wear them.