Magic is in the air - Magic Wand versus the Wand by We-Vibe

Hello, sexy readers. I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. I'm here today to talk about two super, adult toys: the classic Magic Wand and the more modern We-Vibe Wand. Joining me in this exploration of these two Cadillacs of the sex toy world is my partner Elle. She's a charming lady who is here is help me try out vibrators - for science!


First, some background


For decades the king of the vibrators has been the Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi Magic Wand). This personal massager burst onto the scene with an incredibly powerful motor and a pleasing shape which was, people soon discovered, good for more than just loosing the knots in one's shoulders. The Magic Wand took the world, or at least bedrooms, by storm and was soon widely regarded as the Holy Grail of those seeking self-pleasure.


Hitachi, probably in a move to divorce its brand from the image of housewives enjoying themselves to the fullest, dropped their association with the Magic Wand. The world held its breath, waiting to see what the owners would do with the legendary massager now that it was somewhat divorced from the Hitachi name. Then the world turned blue in the face because, as it turned out, very little was done to improve upon the original Magic Wand's design. To be fair, the company did release a few variations and there is a cordless option now, but little was done to evolve the Magic Wand's, well, magic.

An ageless classic 


Which may be understandable. After all, the Magic Wand was king of the hill, lord of the bedroom, master of massagers. There wasn't much room for improvement, was there? After all, people don't make a habit of Neil Armstrong where his second small step is going to take place. So, was there room for a new, powerful massager to kick open the door and establish itself?


My partner Elle and I thought there might be. We own a few vibrators (okay, maybe six or so) with each one having its own niche. We have little bullet vibes for travel, insertable vibes for general purpose play, and the ever-popular Magic Wand for when we want Elle to either have an orgasm or lose her fillings while trying. We like the Magic Wand, it is a great member of our buzzing line-up, and a wonderful toy when you want a little extra sensation.


Your fillings all fell out again!?!?

Granted, the Magic Wand does have a few drawbacks. It is super intense and, even when we want the extra "ommph", we still only use the lower of its two settings. Plus it's really loud. We can't take the Magic Wand anywhere with thin walls or where discretion is required. Our wand isn't waterproof and we like it when toys can be taken into the bath. Finally, Elle finds after using the Magic Wand her skin feels a bit raw. It's as though the massager is slowly rubbing her skin off while it's shaking things up downtown.


Enter the We-Vibe Wand


In our quest to find a new, powerful personal massager we set upon the We-Vibe Wand. This purple people pleaser is about 12 inches (30cm) long and tappers between about 1 inch (2.5cm) and 2 inches (5cm) in diameter. When we opened the package we discovered the We-Vibe Wand ships with an instruction booklet (pleasantly populated mostly by diagrams so we wouldn't need to waste time reading), a USB charge cord, and two attachments. One soft blue attachment looks like a cup holder with a "C" attached to it. The other looks like a crown of daisy petals. These can be placed over the "head" of the massager for additional stimulation, but I'm getting ahead of myself.


Why, hello there, stranger - the We-Vibe Wand with attachments

Elle got ahead of me too. I was skimming the manual when I looked up and realized the We-Vibe Wand was gone from the room. She'd already scooped it up and plugged it in, preparing our newest toy for its debut performance. I cannot fault her enthusiasm and, after getting to try this new evolution in vibrator technology, I share her passion.


What are we working with?


The We-Vibe wand has just three controls on its handle. The first is the power button which, when held, will turn the toy on/off. The second button is more interesting and holds down double-duty. When the second button is pressed it causes the Wand to adjust its pulse pattern. The Wand offers steady buzzing, quick on/off pulses, longer waves of sensation, and some variations of these patterns. Pressing the second button cycles through these patterns. If we hold the second button for a few seconds, it toggles Smart Silence mode.


Note the pleasure-bringing buttons to the right of the handle.

What is Smart Silence? When this mode is enabled it causes the Wand to only buzz while it is pressed up against something. When it is in contact with skin the toy hums along happily, but when we move it away from the body the Wand turns itself off. When its head touches something again it automatically turns on. Basically, it only hums when it is in contact with you. This means if you drop the Wand or need to put it down for a second, it'll stop buzzing and no longer drain the battery. I suspect this is especially useful if you need to pause activities to answer the phone quickly and don't want the Wand rumbling in the background.


The third button is shaped like a light switch. Pressing and holding the switch in the "up" position causes the vibrator to pulse harder. Pressing the switch "down" lowers the intensity and, if the button is held "down" the vibrator eventually turns itself off.


The Wand itself has a slight curve and a fairly thin handle which fits nicely in the hand. The end of the vibrator has a rounded head which closely resembles the Magic Wand's business end and is approximately baseball-sized.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!


Elle and I explored the new We-Vibe Wand in a number of scenarios. I tried using it on her, she explored it on her own in a fun solo session, we also tried using it during sex, and in the bathtub. Then we did it all again. No stone, ladies and gentlemen, was left unturned in our quest for knowledge. So what did we find out?


One of the first things we noticed was we got different results from the We-Vibe Wand's several pulse settings. This allowed us to change the pattern of the vibrations, not just the intensity of them. The Wand can run non-stop, producing a steady hum, it can rapidly turn on/off, or it can gradually grow in strength and then cut off. This is a neat feature as it allowed us to mix things up and no two sessions ever felt the same. Elle particularly liked the "rising wave" sensations as it gave a little break between the Wand's powerful pulses.


The entire wand is coated with a soft, waterproof layer. This layer, apart from making the toy easy to clean and usable in the tub, is soft against the skin. The protective layer is fairly smooth, but not slippery. This make it easier for me to hold the wand and Elle reported it felt better against her skin than the classic Magic Wand.


You have no idea how important waterproof toys are to some people.

The We-Vibe works beautifully in the bath. It is strong enough to make the water dance and bubble around the head of the toy. One thing we discovered is water pressure is enough to activate the Wand when it is in Smart Silence mode. In other words, even when in Smart Silence mode, when you drop the Wand in water, it'll turn on.


When we were using the Wand during sex, both Elle and I found the curved handle of the toy made it easier to place between our bodies. The gentle curve especially made it easier for her to hold the toy in place during love making and adjust the angle. The classic Magic Wand is stiff and straight, which can make it hard to move the toy around and get into position.


We tried both of the wands attachments. The "C" shaped toy appears to be specifically designed for men. The "C" cups the penis and the Wand can then either be held in place or used to stroke the man's shaft. Personally, I'm usually not a fan of vibrating sensations, or at least not steady vibrations. That said, I did like turning the Wand down to a lower setting and using a slow-pulse pattern with it. The rapid-pulse was a bit too much for me, but the slower pulsing sensations felt really nice around the head of my penis. My only complaints with the "C" attachment is it is one-size-fits-all, so if you're a little thicker than average (or thinner than average) the attachment won't quite cup the shaft comfortably.


We had better luck with the flower petal attachment. This ring fits, like a halo, over the end of the Wand. Then the "petals" can be run across the skin. The petals are different lengths all the way around the halo, meaning people can experiment to find the length/gap size they find most comfortable. Elle liked this attachment. She found placing the petals on either side of her clit and turning the Wand back-and-forth slightly gave an overall massaging sensation that was amazing.


Its petals are for her pleasure.

Playing remotely with the phone app


One of the cool aspects of We-Vibe products is their remote control application. Android and iPhone owners can download a free app called We-Connect (for iPhones and Android) and connect to their vibrator over a Bluetooth connection. Basically, if the vibrator is in the same room and powered on, your phone can find the Wand and adjust its controls from a distance. The phone app can turn Smart Silence on/off, switch between pulse patterns, and we can make swiping gestures to adjust the intensity of the Wand's vibrations.


This is my favourite game to play on my phone!

As a bonus, if one person has their phone connected to the Wand they can share this connection with another person who also has the We-Connect app. We can send the other person a text and they can remotely communicate with the vibrator and control it. We can even chat through the app. This makes the Wand a fun toy for people who are travelling or otherwise need to be apart. Elle can fire up the Wand, send me a message through We-Connect and I can remotely adjust the speed and intensity of her Wand's pulses. It's a neat and sexy idea.


I have used the app with past Web-Vibe toys and found the concept to be good, but maintaining a connection to be difficult. The two phones sometimes lose connection with each other and past products sometimes lost their connection with the nearby phone. The Wand appears to address this past shortcoming. I've connected my phone to the Wand a couple of times and it has maintained the connection fairly steadily. Unless I switch apps at some point, in which case the Wand temporarily loses connection and re-syncs when I switch back to the We-Connect app. I've only used We-Connect a few times, but it has been a good experience this time around and the connection seems more solid.


The one area with We-Connect where I had trouble was when I finished a session and disconnected my phone from the Wand and then tried to start another connection later. My phone couldn't “see” the Wand next to it. Fortunately the app offers some on screen trouble-shooting steps which helped. Basically turn off the Wand, go into the phone's list of paired Bluetooth devices, tell the phone to “forget” the Wand. Then re-launch the We-Connect app, turn the Wand back on and it should connect. This worked for me. But it took a few minutes to go through all the steps and try the connection again.


Just the highlights


Having played with the new We-Vibe toy Elle and I came up with a few general observations about it. The Wand does not rub Elle's skin raw with prolonged contact. The Magic Wand is intense and can leave the skin feeling irritated. The We-Vibe device provides a similarly intense sensation without leaving the skin feeling itchy.


The long, curved handle of the We-Vibe Wand is easy to hold. Its texture is easier to grip than the Magic Wand and its curve makes it easier for Elle to hold in place for longer periods of time.


Did I mention both toys are powerful? I think the Magic Wand wins in raw power here, we rarely ever turn it up to its full power, because it's almost too strong. The We-Vibe's upper range is about equal to the Magic Wand's lower setting and that suits our needs just fine.


The We-Vibe toy offers a variety of pulse patterns. It can offer a steady hum, sharp pulses, and slow waves of vibrations. We both like that we can tailor the pulses to our mood. The Magic Wand has just one, strong, steady hum (more like a roar, really) that never lets up.


The new We-Vibe Wand feels good between our bodies during intercourse. Its handle's curve helps in placing it and keeping it between us and the coating feels nicer against the skin. The Magic Wand's stiff, straight handle makes it easy to aim, but harder to slide between two people.


The Magic Wand is loud. Really loud. My neighbours know when it is being used. The We-Vibe device isn't quiet either, but it is a touch lower in volume, which is appreciated. This is further improved when it is held under water. Which brings me to...


The We-Vibe is waterproof. This makes for great fun in the shower and in the bathtub. It also means we don't need to be as careful when cleaning it. When using the Magic Wand we need to be careful not to submerge it, especially during play because...

Artist rendering of the Web-Vibe Wand working in its natural habitat.


Our Magic Wand is the edition that plugs into the wall when operating. This means we don't need to remember to charge the battery, but it lacks convenience when it comes to selecting a location. We can't take the Magic Wand camping or run it more than four feet from a power outlet. Granted, there are cordless varieties of the Magic Wand, but sadly I don't have one of those. The We-Vibe purple people pleaser is battery operated and can be used in multiple sessions with one charge. I think we were up to using it in at least five sessions before we had to recharge the We-Vibe's battery.


In the price war, the Magic Wand offers a more attractive price tag. The Magic Wand Plus is an economical $109.99 while the We-Vibe is $189.99. The latter does offer more features, settings, and conveniences, but it does come with a slightly higher price.


The silent mode feature is cool. With most vibrators if you are temporarily done with it, you need to find the power button and hold it for a few seconds. This is fine at the end of play, but if you're just pausing to change positions or catch your breath, it's inconvenient to stop and find the power button. The We-Vibe addresses this by just turning itself off when in Smart Silence mode. For people who want the device to keep going, Smart Silence can be turned off with a button press.




Both products, the classic Magic Wand and the newer We-Vibe Wand are excellent products. While both are powerful, intense, and (according to Elle) highly pleasurable devices, they fill slightly different niches. The Magic Wand is simple, direct, powerful. It is a toy you can pick up, plug in, flip a switch, and it will carry you (kicking and screaming your own name) across the threshold of ecstasy. The Magic Wand is less expensive and more powerful. There is no subtly or special features, it just delivers a steady stream of high-energy pulses. It offers no frills, no complications - just power.


This highlights the only drawback to the We-Vibe, in my opinion, which is all these features mean it can take a little longer to get set up. This isn't a flick the switch and go toy. It's a press the button, find the right pulse setting, maybe sync it to your phone and then go option. Which is super flexible, very customizable, and it is also pretty powerful. It's just a little less spontaneous.


The We-Vibe Wand is like a car with all the luxury features. It has waterproofing, it has a soft cover, it has the multi-speed transmission, the variable pulsing vibrations. The We-Vibe product has remote control options, the Smart Silence feature to avoid battery drain during mini-breaks, and is easier to clean. It is sleeker, it's curved to fit you better, and operates underwater. It has everything a person could want from a vibrator, including fun attachments. It is a little more pricey, but offers more features-per-buck. Elle and I are very happy with it. Now, if you will excuse me, Elle is sending me an invite on my phone to join her on We-Connect I should really respond to...