Fun Factory Miss Bi Product Review

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive man from Nova Scotia who collects a large number of vibrators in the name of pleasuring my partner, Elle. A little while ago I talked about a new-to-us toy called the Lady Bi. It's a powerful, medium-sized vibrator that causes Elle to have rapid, powerful orgasms. If she could catch her breath after using it she'd say it's highly recommended.
Two thumbs up!

The Lady Bi is an excellent toy and it's given Elle a great deal of pleasure around the home. We've run into just two limitations with this high-powered toy from Fun Factory. The first is that its medium size makes it a little harder to transport when we travel, compared to our more compact toys and bullet vibrators. The other thing we found was the Lady Bi's battery doesn't last as long as we'd like. Oh, it'll make it through a session, but it usually won't make it through more than two at a time. Most of our other toys will last through several sessions which is, again, ideal if you're travelling and don't want to bring a lot of luggage and charge cords.

Since we liked the Lady Bi vibe so much we decided to try its close relative, the Miss Bi. The Miss Bi is a very similar toy with a similar design. Like the Lady Bi, this toy has two motors (one in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator appendage). It also features a powerful buzz, multiple pattern settings, easy to press raised buttons on the handle, and a thick shaft. Critically, for our purposes, the Miss Bi is also waterproof.

Miss Bi has seductive curves.

There are two characteristics which set the Miss Bi apart from its sister. The Miss Bi is slightly smaller - it's still thick, but not quite as long. This makes it a good fit for our travel bag or a purse. The Miss Bi also seems to hold a charge longer - perhaps its smaller size requires less power.

Chances are if you read what I had to say about the Lady Bi then I don't have a lot to add. The toy's vibrating hum is unusually powerful, especially for its compact size. The shape and size is ideal for combining internal G-spot stimulation and external clitoral pleasure. The toy can survive a trip into the bathtub or shower. The vibrating hum starts out at a steady, medium intensity and by using the easy-to-find buttons on the handle we can adjust the power up or down.

Sorry, I just meant "up". We pretend the device doesn't have a "down" button.

The coating of the Miss Bi is soft, the toy is powerful, and it seems to last an extra session or two compared to the Lady Bi (at least that has been our experience so far). Plus I like how it's just a touch shorter so it's easier to take with us outside the home.

To date Elle and I haven't had any problems with the Miss Bi. It's a solid, medium-size toy that seems to work everywhere and can be used equally well to provide clitoral and/or penetrative stimulation that give Elle amazing orgasms.

In short, we both really like the Miss Bi vibrator. It might not be as filling as the Lady Bi, but it's more convenient and just as fun!