Naughty Nipple Nibblers

Hello, I'm Jay, your friendly neighbourhood sex-positive gentleman. Most of the time, when I've shared opinions on toys my partner Elle and I have tried, the devices we explore are focused, well, below the belt. We've talked about vibrators, spanking toys, and butt plugs. Yet we have largely ignored nipple play, which is a shame because nipples are great fun!

With this in mind, Elle and I picked up four different nipple-focused items and decided to try them all, one at a time. Since some of these items are designed to pinch, reduce blood flow or increase blood flow we spread out our tests over a couple of weeks. This gave Elle a chance to recover between each session and for any soreness to dissipate, though that usually wasn't an issue with these toys.

Tweezer nipple clamps

We began our series of experiments with a set of tweezer nipple clamps which were connected by a thin chain. These thin metal clamps are capped with soft plastic grips to make them more comfortable. A thin metal band slides up and down the length of the clamps, making it possible to fine-tune the level of pressure and grip. A thin chain connects the two clamps, making them pretty to look at and - on a practical note - makes them harder to lose.
Shiny and good for making gentle adjustments 

Elle gave these clamps a "thumbs up". The soft caps on the tips made them relatively comfortable to wear and the rings around the clamps made it possible to make fine adjustments to how tight the clamps were holding on. Plus the chain is pretty and eye-catching.

I had a little trouble with these clamps early on. The rings around the "tweezers" which adjusts the pressure are oval in shape and would sometimes get turned sideways and become stuck. This sort of locked the tweezers in a position until the ring could be rotated again. However, once I got used to the way the ring turned I liked how small adjustments could be made by sliding the ring up and down the length of the device. Tweezer clamps are often my favourite type to use because of how they can be smoothly adjusted on the fly and I liked them once I got the adjustment ring sorted out. The chain holding the two clamps is thin and I will admit to breaking it early on and needing to effect repairs. I would say the chain is more decorative than practical for kink play.

Teardrop pendant nipple clamps

The second item on our shopping list was a set of teardrop pendant nipple clamps. These clamps were quite different from the first ones. Where the first set had ting, tweezer ends, the teardrop pendant clamps had soft, wide mouths. Where the tweezers had a thin, stiff, metal ring for adjusting the clamps, this set had an easy to manipulate screw which could be turned for very fine adjustments. Where the tweezers had a thin, decorative chain, the teardrop set had lightly weighted pendants attached.
Comfortable and pretty 

I liked this set a lot. They are soft enough and the ends are broad enough that they don't cause much discomfort to Elle. Plus the screws for adjusting the pressure of the clamps are relatively large and easy to grasp compared to the control mechanisms of other clamps we have tried. The teardrop pendants are pretty and eye-catching. The only downside to these clamps, in my opinion, is that the ends are so broad and soft they slip off with anything more than a soft tug. These are great for light and decorative play and good if you want to make adjustments to the pressure on the fly.

Elle liked this set and announced they were comfortable. She liked the pendants and, once we got the soft ends adjusted a few times for a proper fit, reported they were comfortable. The wide, cushioned ends of the clamps, combined with the eye-catching teardrop decorations made this set Elle's favourite of the bunch.

Feathered nipple clamps

Our third experiment was with feathered nipple clamps. These clamps are similar to the above teardrop pendant clamps, with two distinct differences. The first is that the ends are a little narrower and slightly curved. This makes them easier to attach and, I found, the ends hold them in place more firmly. The tips of the clamps are still covered with soft plastic, making for a fairly comfortable fit. The second difference is that instead of small weighted balls on the ends, these clamps have soft feathers. These decorations are gentle and relatively light.

Like the teardrop pendant clamps, the feathered set has a little screw near the end for fine-tuning the pressure. The screw is a little more stiff on the feathered set than on the teardrop clamps, but it's a small difference.

Elle mostly liked this set. They pinched a little more than the above two sets of clamps, but could still be worn for entire sessions without too much discomfort. The feathers look nice and provide a minimal amount of weight.
Flying high with feathered fun 

These were my favourite clamps of the bunch. I liked the way the dark feathers look and having the little screw adjustment was appreciated. Mostly though I really liked how these clamps fit on. The curve of the clamps more naturally match the nipple and the thinness of the clamps mean they can be attached at different angles.

Mini nipple suckers

The last items Elle and I picked up were not clamps, but rather tiny purple suckers. These mini nipple suckers are fairly straight forward in their concept. They get placed over the nipple, then squeezed slightly to push any air out. When we let go of the sucker, it forms a vacuum seal over the nipple and sits there, gently providing suction.

Elle reported positive reactions to these suckers. The little nipple caps fit her nicely and provided a gentle suction, which could be maintained for a long time without discomfort. After the suckers came off, Elle reported her nipples were pleasantly sensitive.
Pleasurable purple pinching pals 

I enjoyed the suckers for all the above reasons, though found early on the material was stiff and it took a while for us to get a vacuum formed under the caps. After that they worked well so I'd suggest rubbing and massaging the suckers a little before their first use. Washing them in warm water before use (and after) can also help keep the suckers clean and malleable.

Another thing I liked about the mini suckers was that they are unusually safe for a nipple-oriented toy. While many nipple clamps, including all the ones I mentioned above, come with little plastic or rubber caps to make them more comfortable, it is always possible to make mistakes with nipple clamps. They can be adjusted too tightly and hurt, or left on too long and cause numbness. These mini suckers are ideal because they go on with a soft squeeze, do not need to be adjusted, and are mild enough that it's almost impossible to leave them on too long. I recommend them if you're looking for a first-time, nipple-focused toy.