Our favourite vibrators for couples

I flick a switch, coaxing the motor of the vibrator up a notch. She squirms as the increasing hum reaches her clit. Her hips rise a little, pressing more firmly against the toy.

"Oh," she whispers, almost to herself. "Oh, yes."

"You like that?" I ask her.

"Yes. Oh I'm going to-'

"Going to what?" I inquire playfully, dropping the power to our favourite toy down to a minimum.

"I'm so close," her voice is almost pleading.

"You want more?"

"Yes! Yes, I want- Oh!" Her voice is cut off as my finger cranks the vibrator's intensity back up to pelvis-pulsing levels. She's close to a climax now and I plan to keep it that way for a few more minutes before the white unicorn of her orgasm goes charging over the top of Pleasure Hill.

The amazing thing is this scene is playing out with my partner and I in different rooms. In fact, we are in different counties. I'm out of town and we are connecting over a phone app which allows me to remotely control her vibrator.
When you said you wanted to be on top this isn't what I had in mind. 

One line of toys I have grown to appreciate in recent years is the We-Vibe collection of remotely controlled vibrators and their We Connect mobile app (for Android and iOS). We-Vibe toys are built with the understanding couples want to connect, and even get each other off, when they cannot touch physically.

Hi, I'm Jay, a sex-positive and experimental gentleman from Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to share three of my favourite remotely controlled toys.

The We-Vibe Wand

The first toy I'd like to talk about is one of my all-time favourite vibrators and possibly my partner's favourite play time toy too. It's called the We-Vibe Wand and it's a delightful, powerful wand toy. Imagine if you took the famous Magic Wand, made it water-proof, gave it a super long battery life, and the ability to control it remotely.

Welcome your new best friend.

The We-Vibe Wand has a soft coating over its body which makes it feel better against your skin, as well as water proof. It has three speeds and around a dozen different patterns of vibrations it can cycle through. I've talked about the We-Vibe Wand and all its amazing features in a previous blog post.

One of the killer features of the Wand is that it has an option called Smart Silence. When this feature is turned on, which it is by default, the wand will turn off when its head not touching anything. In other words, if you drop it or move it away from your body, the Wand turns off. This is helpful if someone suddenly knocks on your door or you need to answer the phone. There is no fumbling for the off switch, you can jut put the toy down and it shuts off.

The Wand is a powerful toy and its range of patterns means every time using it can feel different. The Wand maintains a strong connection to the phone app, even when under water, and has proven to be a reliable companion, especially for long distance play.

The Chorus

The second toy I'd like to share is called the Chorus. This is an ideal toy for situations where a couple is together, in the same room, but may want to be able to use a vibrator hands-free.

The Chorus has a "V" or "C" shape (depending on which way you turn it) and its curve is adjustable. This allows a couple to insert the Chorus vaginally with the head of the toy pressed up against the lady's clitoris. The toy's hinge can then be adjusted to hold it in place.

It holds on so you can play hands-free

The Chorus then stays in its position while we can control it remotely, or just let it continue to hum while we do other things. Because the toy is relatively small it can be used in a variety of positions. Whether you are lying on a bed or sitting in a chair, kneeling or out for a walk, the Chorus will continue to work while you have your hands free to touch and tease each other.

We have talked about the Chorus before in more detail and it's a toy well worth exploring.

The Moxie

Often times when people imagine remotely controlled vibrators they picture hot (or funny) scenes from movies which take place in restaurants or formal dinners. Typically, in these scenes a woman is wearing a small vibrator inside her panties. While wonderful entertainment on the big screen, it can be difficult to find a remotely managed vibrator which is small, quite, and stays in place.

The Moxie is the best solution I have found to these orgasmic hurdles. The Moxie is fairly powerful for its size, comes with an easy to use remote, and has a special feature: magnets. The Moxie has a magnetic side and small, flat magnets which cling to it, even through thin fabric. Which means the vibrator can be placed inside a pair of underwear and the magnets placed on the outside. The magnets snap into place, holding the toy in position without requiring any special straps, hinges, or penetration.

The perfect addition to a night on the town!

I've found the Moxie to be a good toy for evenings out, where we want to be discrete, while also having a little excitement before returning home. The Moxie is ideal for situations where you want to flirt and get excited while also still wearing clothes. I've posted thoughts on the Moxie before and I recommend checking out the details of this compact toy.

There are other remotely controlled toys, varying in power, range, and style. I recommend trying them out, especially if you want to stimulate your partner over the phone.