Presenting The Lady Bi

While browsing the aisles of Indulgence it was hard to resist the call of a collection of toys designed by a company called Fun Factory. The appeal is right there in the name. It was even harder for me, someone who admittedly likes to put on character voices and make inanimate objects appear to talk, to pass up getting a toy called Lady Bi.

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow with a silly sense of humour. This week I'd like to talk to you about a toy Elle and I picked up recently that largely appealed to me because of its name.
Presenting The Countess of Orgasm, Lady Bi!

First, a little background on the Lady Bi. Fun Factory's Lady Bi looks like a classic vibrator at first, with a typical penis-shaped body and a separate extension for external, clitoral stimulation. The body is about 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide. It's got a nice loop handle that makes it easy to hold onto and a soft, silicone shaft.

The top of the handle has three buttons. One toggles the power on/off and the other two ramp the intensity up and down. This makes it not only easy to hold and maneuver, the raised buttons also make it possible to adjust the power of the toy by feel alone.
I know the controls are around around here somewhere!

The Lady Bi is fairly long, medium in its width, and firm. It doesn't flop around; it's got a soft skin, but a hard skeleton that keeps it pointing where you want it to go. The body contains two motors which provide both internal and external rumblings.

Elle and I have a few vibrators of similar sizes and shapes so we figured the Lady Bi would be familiar. On the surface, it is - it's a pretty comfortable and familiar size and shape. There were a few benefits we discovered though which made us feel the Lady Bi is an evolutionary step forward in vibrator technology.

The first benefit we found is that, unlike some of our other favourite classic vibrators, the Lady Bi is waterproof. We can take it into the tub or a shower and it'll keep on humming.

The second thing we noticed is the toy feels more natural. Its hard shape combined with a soft, silicone coating makes the toy feel, well, more like a dick. A dick that vibrates. And has an extension to stimulate the clitoris. Basically this thing feels like a man and is shaped naturally, but also vibrates. If it learns how to make a decent cup of coffee I could be obsolete!

Personally, since I was the one usually holding the toy, I liked the raised buttons along the top of the handle. I like being able to adjust the power up and down (let's face it, mostly up) without pausing to look. Toys with buttons set into the handle look nice, but it means I need to stop and look at what my hand is doing rather than focusing on Elle.

As for the feel of the vibrations, Elle reported they were pleasantly intense and focused. She had one of the quickest orgasms of our relationship the first time I used the Lady Bi on her. We didn't even get around to getting it inserted all the way before she was squirming and shaking. The Lady Bi did an amazing job on its first outing, a time when we're usually slowly exploring and getting used to the new feel of a toy. Elle immediately (well almost immediately) was eager to try it again. We became instant fans.
Her even more than me.

During our trials with the Lady Bi, Elle and I didn't run into any negative experiences, there were no problems or setbacks. The Lady Bi is an excellent, strong toy that we can easily pack up and travel with or stay at home in the tub to enjoy. It has a range of settings, allowing us to explore the toy during both softer scenes and more intense ones. It feels good, it's pleasant to hold and use, and it works really really well!