Raving over the We-Vibe Rave

Good day, to you! Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to talk about a We-Vibe product called the Rave.

When I first encountered the We-Vibe Rave vibrator, I honestly thought it looked like a purple suitcase handle. The Rave has a gentle curve to it and the entire toy looks like one long, bent pipe. One of the first questions to pop into my head was whether the Rave has a specific end which is to be used for stimulation or if the entire toy would vibrate. Unlike many vibrators, both ends of the Rave look much the same and there were not any immediately obvious controls. I ended up picking up a Rave as much to satisfy my curiosity as anything else.

As it turns out, a closer inspection of the Rave reveals that it does have control buttons. There are three buttons placed along the underside of the toy (the inside of the curve is the bottom, in my mind). Two of these buttons adjust the intensity of the vibrations up and down. The third button activates the device and, when held, will put the Rave into Connect Mode so it can be synced to your phone using the We-Connect app (for Android and iOS). These buttons are relatively small which helps them stay out of the way and it helps us avoid accidentally pressing a button which might spoil the mood.
The gentle curve fits comfortably in your hand.

The body of the Rave is made of purple silicone which feels pleasantly soft to the touch while offering a material that is easy to grip. This toy is as easy on the hands as it is on the privates.

The We-Vibe Rave is designed to be used and enjoyed in multiple ways. Like any great vibrator, the Rave is perfect for stimulating the clitoris directly. The flattened head of the Rave covers the entire surface area of the clitoris. While the easy to hold shape (the gentle curve I mentioned earlier) makes it great to use during foreplay with a partner and in different positions, giving you straight up clitoral stimulation when you want it the most. The Rave can also be used internally. Its soft, rounded shape makes it well suited for penetration and its curve allows it to press up against the G-spot.
And that's a good thing.

Enough describing the Rave, how does it feel? Something Elle and I soon discovered during our sexy experimentation was that the Rave works really well as both an external vibrator we could press softly against her clit and as an internal toy. The Rave is delightfully flexible in its use and its shape is well suited to a range of activities. What sort of activities, you might be wondering, my dear curious reader?

For example, the Rave can be used as a dildo, sliding into Elle's vagina. Whether the Rave is turned on or not, it feels good inside her. Granted, it feels a lot better when it is switched on and humming away in one of its many vibration patterns, but it can work as a plain dildo too.

Mostly we used the Rave externally and its curved handle made it easy to try this toy from a variety of positions. Whether Elle was on her back, on her hands and knees, or on her side we could easily position the Rave to press its head (or the side of the shaft) against her clitoris. The toy's curve makes it possible for her to position it easily and it's comfortable for me to hold from a variety of angles.
Oh yeah, look at those hot angles! Or are these curves? Highschool math was a long time ago.

Perhaps my one complaint about the Rave is that its buttons are small and built into the underside of the toy. This can make it harder to find them without looking and/or pausing the action in order to adjust the intensity of the hum. The Rave does have a sort of workaround for this challenge: remote control capability.

As with other We-Vibe toys in our collection, the Rave is able to synchronize with a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone. Pressing and holding the Rave's power button puts it into sync mode and we can then connect to it using a phone over a Bluetooth connection. This worked fairly smoothly and it means, using my phone, I can adjust both the vibration pattern and intensity level of the Rave.

Elle reported this toys feels amazing and she enjoyed it a lot, especially when paired with another toy. The Rave can be used internally as a dildo while another toy, such as a Womanizer, is used to stimulate her clit and the result is amazing!
5/5 stars, would recommend.

The only drawback Elle discovered while using the Rave is that it does not appear to be waterproof, or at least we were unable to confirm it's entirely waterproof, though it can be washed in the sink. We're not sure if it'll survive a soak in the bathtub.

Earlier I mentioned that I wasn't sure if the Rave has a "working end" and a handle, or if the whole toy vibrates. As it turns out, the whole toy vibrates uniformly. While I tended to use the end with buttons as the handle, either end of the toy can be enjoyed.

All in all we found the Rave to be a highly pleasurable and wonderfully versatile toy. It can be propped up, positioned, or placed just about anywhere and feel comfortable. It's flexible in its role, it's easy to hold, and it can be used for remote play when one of us is away. We're happy we gave this unusually plain-looking toy a try!