Reach out and Touch someone

Do you know what I love about computers? They keep getting smaller, faster, and more powerful every year. Do you know what I love about We-Vibe products? The same thing! I'm always looking for vibrators that are smaller, quieter, and deliver more intense sensations (preferably all at the same time). Last week Elle and I found an excellent example of a vibrator which combines all of these fantastic features: the We-Vibe Touch.

To be honest, I was a little sceptical of the Touch at first because it looks like a little, peach-coloured stress toy. It more closely resembles something you'd see on a manager's desk than something you'd hide under your skirt at a meeting. However, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover and so I happily gave one of these We-Vibe Touch devices a new home. Luckily, my partner Elle didn't seem to mind I'd brought home a new gadget - she's forgiving of my hobbies.
Especially hobbies that include bringing these sorts of toys home.

The Touch is quite small, about four inches long by two inches wide. The surface is made of a soft silicone material which feels nice against the skin. The top side of the toy is home to three buttons. Two buttons adjust the intensity of the Touch's vibrations up and down. A button between the + and - controls adjusts the pattern of the vibrations. This allows the person holding the toy to make the Touch buzz continuously, pulse like a heartbeat, rev up and drop off, or follow a variety of five other patterns. Pressing the + button turns on the toy and revs it up, pressing - backs it off and, if we keep pressing the minus button, the Touch turns off.

The underside of the Touch is somewhat divided into three parts. The base of the toy is rounded and fits nicely into the palm of my hand. About two-thirds of the way up the length of the Touch is a shallow cup, a sort of scoop shape that looks like it could act as a bed for a small egg. During play, the shallow curve fits over the clitoris and gently cups it while the toy hums. This, I'm told, feels "Freakin' oh-my-goodness-wow amazing!"
I think this means she likes it?

The very end of the Touch narrows a bit into a soft point. This spongy tip can be pressed against any region where you want a little more intensity, a little more focused hum. This again, I'm told, feels out-of-this-world good. Elle was quite enthusiastic about the tip of the Touch, especially when the toy was set to a medium intensity vibration.

When in use the Touch is relatively quiet. While not perfectly silent, its buzz is a lot softer than most of the other vibrators we own, especially powerhouses like the We-Vibe Wand or our bullet vibes. The Touch isn't the most powerful toy we have, but it's probably in the top five, while being one of the quieter toys of the bunch.
Pictured: the most powerful vibrator we have.

I like that the Touch is fairly small and silent. It's a good option for sliding into Elle's panties and having her wear it out somewhere - anywhere there is some ambient background noise. One of Elle's favourite features is that the Touch is waterproof. This little wonder can be submerged in the bathtub and runs beautifully. Also, because it's fairly quiet, this means the Touch can be used in the tub without alerting anyone else in the house - something we struggle with when using a Wand or suction toys.

Both Elle and I found we liked the controls on the Touch. The buttons are placed along the top of the toy and are slightly raised. This makes the controls easy to find by touch and it's straight forward for either partner to hold and adjust the intensity without pausing to fumble about with the buttons. We also discovered that the Touch, being fairly small and flat, fits between us during love making.

Something Elle and I soon realized, after a few sessions with the Touch, is that while the device isn't usually the best in any one specific category in a head-to-head comparison with our other toys, the Touch is consistently very good at everything. We have smaller toys, but the Touch is small enough to fit into a large pocket or small handbag. We have a few wands and bullet toys which are more powerful, but the Touch isn't far behind and it has a wonderfully soft surface. The Touch might not be our most quiet toy, but it's close enough it can be used without drawing attention from people in a restaurant or on the far side of the house. In short, the Touch is "runner-up" in most categories and this makes its overall appeal incredibly high.
It checks all the right boxes!

In short, the Touch is small, softly spoken, easy to control, and it works in the bath tub. It feels amazing, it offers a wide range of intensity levels, and its shape makes it good for both tub play and for tucking inside a pair of panties when going out. Plus the Touch is small and easy to hold, which makes it ideal for solo play, partnered play, and for use during intercourse. This vibrator is becoming Elle's favourite due to how versatile it is and how nice the vibrating cup feels during play.