Satisfyer's Partner Multifun

If you're ever looking for a different kind of sex toy, something that is almost certain to be unique in your collection, then look no further than the Y-shaped Partner Multifun by Satisfyer.
This thing.

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia. Today I'd like to talk about a vibrator I tried recently, not because of any one feature or characteristic, but simply because it was unusual.

The Multifun looks like a rounded Y or a tuning fork with sexy curves. It doesn't really resemble a classic vibrator, G-spot stimulator or stroker. It looks more like kitchen tongs than something I'd use during foreplay.
To be fair, you can use these during foreplay too.

Despite the lobster-claw-like shape, the Multifun is pleasantly soft. It has a waterproof, silicone skin that makes it feel smooth and comfortable. The silicone cover means it's easy to grip, feels good on your skin, and can be enjoyed in the bath tub. So far, so good.

The Multifun not only has an unusual Y shape to it, the toy also swivels in the middle. Note the metal ring near the middle of the toy (see below)? The Multifun can twist around that point, changing the angle of the two ends in relation to each other. This allows the toy to be used from multiple angles. Used how, you might be wondering? I'm glad you asked...

At its heart, the Multifun is a vibrator. Or, to be more accurate, it is multiple vibrators. The forked end of the toy has a vibrating motor and the thick end - which I tend to think of as either a dildo or a handle, depending on the situation - has another. There are two buttons in the middle of the toy. Each button cycles through vibrator patterns for one end of the toy. This means we either have one flexible vibe, or two vibrators stuck together.
Imagine this, but with more orgasms.

Basically we have a toy that can vibrate from both ends, has multiple patterns and intensities, can swivel in the middle, and has two distinct shapes at either end. This provides a lot of possibilities. If your mind is casting about, trying to come up with how many possibilities, I have good news: the people at Satisfyer came up with about 30 options for us! Inside the Multifun's box we find a series of diagrams which offer suggestions on how the toy can be used.

Following the box's inspiration, we can experiment with using the vibe to lightly pinch nipples, stimulate the labia, use the toy on a penis, inside a vagina, and wrap the tongs around any body part we want, really. The toy's dual-ends means the toy can be used on one person or two people at the same time! There is something to be said for having one end of the Multifun wrapped around my penis while the other is inside my partner, Elle.
[Editor's note: We don't need to see that.]

What intrigues me about the Multifun is it is really unusual. Most adult toys Elle and I try are designed to do one thing well. The Womanizer toys suck and massage the clit, glass dildos are fantastic for firm penetration, nipple clamps are good for.... well, you get the idea. The Multifun is different in that it diversifies - doing several things. It's a two-person toy, it's a solo toy, it's flexible so it can be used in different positions. It stimulates him and her. It can be used to fill up your partner (with one end) or pinch areas (with the other end). It can be used to double-penetrate someone or just tease a nipple.

I quite like this flexibility as it means I can pack one toy in an overnight bag and it can be used in just about any play we might get into. This is a lot more convenient than packing four different toys to try to cover every possible scenario. The Multifun is the Swiss Army knife of vibrators - offering useful tools and pleasure in any situation!
Now that is hot!

The only trade-off, in my opinion, is that in being so good at diversity, in being so flexible, the Multifun is the jack of all trades and master of none. As Elle commented to me after a handful of sessions with the Multifun: "It does nothing extraordinary. But it's a solid, versatile option, especially if you don't have a lot of toys already and want something which can be used in multiple ways."

I agree with her, in the purely practical sense. I'd like to add that one thing I like about the Multifun is that it gets us thinking outside the box. Especially once we saw the diagrams of suggestions from Satisfyer. The Multifun got us experimenting, trying alternative positions, enjoying using the toy from new angles. We challenged ourselves a little because the toy (and its list of suggestions) encouraged us to be experimental. The toy invites creativity and that, even more than a specific vibration setting or angle, I think is the best part of this toy: it opens the mind and encourages the trying of new things.

I'd definitely recommend this toy. It's good for solo use, it's even better for couples. I particularly like that its multiple-toys-in-one means I can pack lighter for trips. But the best part is picking a suggestion diagram from the box and trying it, just because we're curious. This is a great toy to add variety to a couple's sex life!