Sexy things come in small packages

Picking out lingerie to wear for your partner is exciting, sexy, and adventurous. It can also be intimidating. Lingerie draws attention, frames the body, and invites the eyes to linger.

Hello, dear readers, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. How are you all doing?

Something women have occasionally told me about their favourite pieces of lingerie is that those items check three boxes: they are comfortable, the lingerie shows off parts of their bodies these ladies feel good about, and the lingerie hides parts of their bodies they feel insecure about.

In other words, what the lingerie hides can be just as important as what it highlights. A lady who feels self-conscious about her breasts while liking her legs may feel best in a high-necked babydoll outfit that shows off her thighs. A lady who feels good about her chest while wishing to hide her tummy might feel best in a corset. We all have parts of our bodies we wish were different and good lingerie can help cover up those parts while letting the rest shine.
Not what I meant by letting parts of her shine.

All of this is to say that picking out great lingerie isn't just a matter of finding something that, on its own, looks good. It's not a matter of just finding the right colour or material. Ideally, the lingerie will be quite personal, matching the person wearing it. For this reason people often like to try on lingerie before buying it, making sure the size, the style, the fit, and the areas covered all match our desires. As a result, lingerie that can be picked up off a rack or viewed on a mannequin tends to be popular while lingerie that is sold in a box tends to be overlooked.

Bearing all of this in mind I was surprised when my partner Elle brought home a sealed box of lingerie bearing the name Curve on its package. While the black babydoll with its peek-a-boo chest looked great on the box, the lingerie was only available in two sizes and (being in a box) clearly hadn't been tried on. We were going to experiment with new lingerie, sight-unseen!

This black babydoll item is mostly sheer with a floral print around the bodice. The neck strap is adjustable and, Elle reported, the material is stretchy, making it fairly flexible. This means that while the lingerie is only available in two sizes, it's relatively close to "one size fits all" due to its elastic nature. This item also comes with a pair of matching panties.
Looks good!

Elle reported the lingerie was unusually comfortable. The material hugged her without being too tight or clingy. I found the sheer material to be pleasantly textured to the touch while the floral print had a soft, velvet sensation.

This babydoll piece hugs in tight right under the breasts, but then hangs loose below that. This gives the wearer an hourglass curve. The peek-a-boo slit above the breasts and the short mini-dress length means this lingerie tends to draw the eyes to the top and bottom of the outfit and away from the middle.

Lingerie is like a good wingman that always talks you up!

Both Elle and I were pleasantly surprised and pleased by this outfit. Lingerie that is virtually one-size-fits-all and which comes in a box isn't usually something we'd try out. But in this case it turned out to be a great purchase. Elle is really happy with the fit and how stretchy the material is, which makes it possible to adjust while still hugging her curves. I like how soft and sheer the material is, as it constantly draws my eyes (and hands) to her body.

Elle likes that it shows off her figure in a way she enjoys while covering bits she's less thrilled about. The hourglass effect is sexy and alluring. We're both really happy with how comfortable, attractive, and well shaped this lingerie is on her. After talking about it a bit neither of us could find anything wrong with this piece and it's quickly becoming one of our top five favourites in Elle's closet of infinite pieces of lingerie.