She's got Moxie

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. Recently my lovely partner, Elle, and I got a chance to try out a toy called the We-Vibe Moxie and I'd like to tell you about it. The Moxie is a remotely controlled vibrator which can be manipulated through a dedicated remote control or through a smart phone app (for Android or iOS). In this way the Moxie is quite similar in its intended purpose and design as the Chorus which I have talked about in the past.

Hello, old friend


I have always been a fan of the concept of remotely controlled vibrators. I love being able to adjust a vibrator in a hands-free manner, but more importantly, I like the sexy connection that emerges from having a shared secret. I'm thrilled knowing that my lover is squirming and trying not to react when I turn on her vibrator when we're in a restaurant or at a noisy event. Being able to sit across a table and carry on a conversation while ramping up the buzzing in her panties brings my passion to a boil.


Presenting the problems


There are three problems I typically run into when operating remotely controlled toys. The first is that they don't always stay connected with the remote. Moving out of range or not having a clear line of sight can cause the toy to stop operating. This means if I turn sideways or she crosses her legs, suddenly the remote doesn't work and she's stuck on one setting or with the toy turned off. The second is remotely controlled toys are often under-powered. These toys need to be compact and able to hide inside a pair of panties. This usually means they have small motors and don't always put out enough of a buzz to help the wearer reach orgasm. Some remotely controlled toys, such as the We-Vibe Wand, are powerful but also a lot larger and not suitable for convert operations.


The third issue my partner and I run into is small, remote toys that do fit inside a pair of panties to perk up date nights often do not stay in place. It doesn't take much wiggling and squirming before a small vibrator shifts to the slide or slides away from the body and then the toy isn't delivering much of an experience.


Introducing a solution


The Moxie tries to address these concerns, particularly the last one. The Moxie is a relatively powerful, compact vibrator that produces a range of buzzing sensations, ranging from mild to a respectable medium. The Moxie won't knock the fillings out of your teeth the way the Magic Wand does, but it will give you more than a pleasant tingle.

Hated by 4 out of 5 dentists


The second feature the Moxie has going for it is a pair of magnets. Most compact, remote vibrators slide into place and use a hinge to hold them in place. This is fine if your partner is holding still, but once she gets up to walk around or shifts in her seat a bit (which is sort of the goal), the toy tends to wiggle lose. With the Moxie, the vibrator slides into place against the lady's clitoris. Panties can then be pulled up over the toy and then two magnets are placed against the outside of the panties. The magnets snap into place against the body of the Moxie, through the panties, holding the whole ensemble in place.

Who knew magnets would help you orgasm?


As for the connection between the toy and the remote control, the Moxie provides two methods for connecting. We can use a small, dedicated remote control with buttons that adjust the power and pattern of the vibrators. We can also use a smart phone app to connect to the toy and adjust its pattern and intensity that way. For people who like to play while apart, the app can connect to the toy and then allow another person to use their phone to remotely manage the Moxie from anywhere they have an Internet connection.


Trials and vibrations


Elle and I experimented with the Moxie four times before I sat down to pen this description of the toy. The first time Elle slipped the Moxie into place inside her panties and we tried to get the toy to connect to my Android phone. The Moxie appeared to connect for about three seconds while sitting right beside my phone, but then quickly dropped the connection. We tried my phone a few more times, then tried Elle's iPhone. Even after I had removed the Moxie from my list of paired devices on my phone, Elle's device was unable to forage a connection to the Moxie during this first trial. We switched gears for a bit, focusing on the dedicated remote. Elle lay across my lap as we'd decided to try the Moxie out as part of a spanking scene.


The Moxie certainly put out a good, strong vibration, though the remote had mixed results. With Elle draped over my lap the remote would not work in her hand and, when held in mine, just behind her thighs, it worked about 50% of the time. We tried a handful of settings and found the Moxie worked well, even if the remote was hit-or-miss. After about 20 minutes the Moxie shut off. Since it was fully charged before the scene, we suspected we'd left it on the same setting too long and it thought it was no longer in use.


The second time we tried out the Moxie it was at a small gathering of friends. Elle went into the washroom, turned on the Moxie, and tried to connect to it with her phone. After a handful of attempts she gave up and returned to the group without the toy.


While our first two sessions got off to a shaky start, things got better. The next time we took out the Moxie I managed to get it connected to my Android phone through the We-Connect app. It took three times for the connection to be established, but once it was, the Moxie purred along happily and usually responded to my phone. We found I had to be within a few metres of Elle for my phone and the Moxie to communicate; when I walked across the room (about three metres away) the device stopped responding to my adjustments through the app. The device continued working and made for a fun session together.


For our fourth session, I was out of town and Elle connected the Moxie to her phone's app. Then she sent me a connection request through her We-Connect app to my phone. I was able to remotely adjust the speed and vibration pattern of the Moxie from my remote location while we chatted over text. The remote app and the toy itself both performed beautifully and brought the scene to a sexy and successful conclusion.

It looked like this


Final thoughts


Earlier I mentioned three issues I tend to have with remotely controlled toys. They tend to be under-powered, they often slip out of place, and I have trouble keeping them connected to the remote control. The Moxie does a very good job of addressing the first two issues. It has a strong motor for its small size and can run for quite a while between recharging. The toy's magnetic design, which allows it to be held in place using panties, is a neat feature and one that makes the Moxie an ideal toy for a date out somewhere. I think it'll be a good toy to have in a restaurant or at a dance, for example.


While the Moxie does provide two methods to connect with it (the remote control and the phone app), this is still one area where the device sometimes runs into problems. In two of our trials the toy wouldn't connect to our phones at all and in one the Moxie would work through the phone, but I had to be almost within arm's reach of Elle for it to communicate consistently. In our fourth trial, the connection worked really well - maybe because of the angle or distance to Elle's phone or the phase of the moon. Whatever it was, the last of the four trials went off without a hitch.


In short, I think the Moxie is on the right track. Is solves two key problems many remote toys have and does a nice job of kicking up the intensity a notch. The connection to the toy isn't perfect, but with a little experimenting we got it working and it was well worth the time.