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jay's thoughts

  • The Delightful Dynamic Duo

    Something Elle pointed out was that the Womanizer Duo's clit suction feature feels better to her than other suction toys we've tried in the past. She described it as smoother and more natural feeling than other toys. This, along with the added stimulation internally, quickly sent her soaring to lofty, climatic heights of pleasure. View Post
  • Reach out and Touch someone

    The Touch is small and easy to hold, which makes it ideal for solo play, partnered play, and for use during intercourse. View Post
  • A mighty good ring

    A bonus provided by some cock rings is the ability to vibrate. While not all rings include vibrators those that do can be used to stimulate a partner's clitoris during sex, or turned around to be placed up against a gentleman's testicles. View Post