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Product Reviews

  • Naughty Nipple Nibblers

    Elle and I picked up four different nipple-focused items and decided to try them all, one at a time. View Post
  • A great One Night Stand

    My partner, Elle, and I experimented with this toy a few times and she reported amazing, wonderful experiences all three times. This is a very convincing demo model and it's sure to attract people to the other members of the Satisfyer line-up.

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  • I feel a tingle in my everything! - Sensation balms, lotions and lubricants

    She is a lady who likes the feel of warm wax, cool ice cubes, and soft leather. With this in mind, we picked out a couple of items this week designed to make her skin tingle and our senses sing. We were looking for ways to slow things down and heat things up at the same time and these are the items we brought home.

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