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  • A mighty good ring

    A bonus provided by some cock rings is the ability to vibrate. While not all rings include vibrators those that do can be used to stimulate a partner's clitoris during sex, or turned around to be placed up against a gentleman's testicles. View Post
  • Our favourite vibrators for couples

    The amazing thing is this scene is playing out with my partner and I in different rooms. In fact, we are in different counties. I'm out of town and we are connecting over a phone app which allows me to remotely control her vibrator. View Post
  • She's got Moxie

    With the Moxie, the vibrator slides into place against the lady's clitoris. Panties can then be pulled up over the toy and then two magnets are placed against the outside of the panties. The magnets snap into place against the body of the Moxie, through the panties, holding the whole ensemble in place.

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