Product Reviews


  • Raving over the We-Vibe Rave

    The We-Vibe Rave is designed to be used and enjoyed in multiple ways. Like any great vibrator, the Rave is perfect for stimulating the clitoris directly. The flattened head of the Rave covers the entire surface area of the clitoris. View Post
  • Reach out and Touch someone

    The Touch is small and easy to hold, which makes it ideal for solo play, partnered play, and for use during intercourse. View Post
  • A Passionate Tango

    Just past the hard tip is a flat surface. This spreads out the buzzy sensation just a little and offers more of a rumble and less of a tapping sensation compared to the tip. This flat part, especially when the toy is turned up high, really prods the prancing pony of passion over the peak of Orgasm Hill. View Post