Womanizer Duo Product Review

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia. If you've read some of my other posts, you've probably noticed that my partner and I have a deep appreciation for vibrating toys. Elle loves experiencing them, I love helping her experience them. We've built up quite a collection over the past few years of wands, suction toys, small buzzy bullet toys, and remotely controlled toys. Recently we encountered a toy which feels like the Holy Grail of vibrators: the Womanizer Duo Air Pulse.

The Womanizer Duo looks like a cross between a space ship from Star Trek and an under water sea creature. The red body is somewhat divided into three parts. At one end we find a penetrative vibrator. This shaft sticks out in front of the toy and is designed to stimulate a lady's G-spot. The middle of the toy contains a small mouth which fits over the clitoris and provides a soft pulsing/sucking sensation. The back of the Duo holds the controls - the power button along with options to turn the intensity of the vibrations up or down.
Boldly going where no toy has gone before!

As you might imagine, the chance to try out a toy which would internally tease Elle's G-spot while also sucking at her clit was an opportunity too good to pass up! We took the Duo home and eagerly charged it over its convenient USB connection. Then the fun began!
Let the games begin!


One of the first things Duo owners are likely to notice is that the toy uses Smart Silence technology. This means that when the device is turned on, it doesn't do anything, at first. The toy only starts vibrating when the head (the mouth-like opening) comes into contact with something, usually your body. The toy also goes quiet when it is no longer in contact with you. This means that you can silence the toy just by moving it away from your body and it'll be quiet right up until the moment it resumes touching your clit. It's a handy feature for people who are either worried about people walking in on them or who wish to have the toy shut off without needing to fumble for the power button.

Another thing we noticed right away is there are four buttons clustered together on the top of the toy. These buttons adjust the intensity of the toy up and down, for both the penetrative vibrator and the suction mouth. Both of these two aspects of the toy have 12 levels of intensity which are controlled independently of each other. There is also another button for changing the pattern of the vibrations - there are ten patterns from which to choose. This makes for a lot of variety and means we can adjust the toy to add more or less stimulation in different areas.
A lot of variety from just a few buttons.

Experimenting with the Duo

Elle and I excitedly set about testing the Duo in a variety of ways. We experimented with her playing with the toy on her own, with me assisting and adjusting the controls. The Duo is waterproof and so we naturally had to try using it in the tub too.

The Duo appears to have a fairly lengthy charge and so was up to providing multiple sessions without getting plugged in again, which was appreciated. The toy places the controls on the top (facing the person using it if she's on her back) which makes it fairly straight forward for either person to adjust the controls.

What we soon found was that the Duo would get Elle off easily and quickly, every time, regardless of which one of us was manning the buttons. This toy took Elle's pleasure from zero to a hundred in virtually no time and she experienced rapid, intense orgasms from it. (Yay!)
Let's try again, just to make sure.

The Duo works well on the bed, in a tub, with Elle laying on her side or on her back. If I'm holding the toy it works fairly well if she's on her hands and knees too. (We are thorough when we test new toys. For science!)

Something Elle pointed out was that the Womanizer Duo's clit suction feature feels better to her than other suction toys we've tried in the past. She described it as smoother and more natural feeling than other toys. This, along with the added stimulation internally, quickly sent her soaring to lofty, climatic heights of pleasure. You could say she was enjoying herself.

The Duo is fun for me to use too. I like variety and the range of sensations - the intensities and patterns - mean that each session can be a little different. The controls are well placed for use in most positions (the exception being if Elle is face-down), so it's straight forward to control the Duo.

During our experiments with the toy we ran into just two issues with the Duo, both of which mostly come into play only if two people are involved. The Duo, by design, occupies both the clitoris and vagina at the same time. Which is great when the Duo is being used solo as it covers multiple points of stimulation at the same time. However, this also means that when used with a partner there are fewer ways the partner can be involved.
Basically, there is a lack of room for another person.

When using most other toys, like classic dildos and bullet vibes, there are still lots of things for a partner to do. For example I can go down on my lover while she uses the dildo, or I can enjoy intercourse while a vibe dances on her clit. The Duo takes over most of the options below the waist making it more suited for solo pleasure than a sex aid with a partner.

The other thing we noticed, which again mostly came into play during our experiments together rather than during Elle's solo time, was that the Duo is somewhat bulky compared to our other toys. The body of the Duo takes up a fair amount of space which prevents it from being used in certain positions. It's difficult to use a Duo while kneeling, on one's stomach, or on hands-and-knees. This tends not to be a limitation in the bath or on a bed, especially when alone, but the body of the Duo does get in the way a little in ways our smaller toys don't.


The Duo Womanizer is probably one of the most effective toys Elle and I have ever tried. It offers a great range of intensities and its ability to stimulate the G-spot internally and the clitoris externally at the same time means it's effectively two amazing toys in one. Elle orgasms from the Duo unusually quickly and intensely. She instantly became a huge fan of the toy. If Womanizer comes out with a model of the Duo which also brews coffee in the morning, I could be replaced.
My usefulness is nearing its end.

The toy is pretty easy to use, both solo or with a partner, though its bulk and dual functionality means that it's not as easy to integrate the Duo into partnered intercourse. We like that the toy is waterproof and love the ability to adjust the internal and external stimulation separately. The Duo is a little more expensive than most of our other toys, but that's to be expected as it's basically two toys in one and offers double the stimulation during a single session. Its price tag is one we feel is well worth it for the incredible experience.