The nü Senuelle Trinitii delivers a tantalizing tongue lashing

Hello gentle readers and welcome. I'm Jay, a sex-positive and enthusiastically experimental man from Nova Scotia. Some of you fine folks may be familiar with a toy called the Womanizer, or its close cousin the Satisfyer?

There is a new sheriff in town.


Both toys have taken the vibrator market by storm as they focus on providing direct clitoral suction and massage sensations. If you haven't tried one before, you can read more about them in our review of the Womanizer Premium.


Plan to take a few days off once this get this one home.


These toys do a great job of massaging and providing a sucking motion on the clitoris, but nü wanted to take things a step further. Well, two steps further. The company put forward the question: What if we created a similar toy and gave it a tongue? Then they created the Trinitii which focuses on providing three types of sensations: vibration, suction, and tongue-flicking.


Go on, we're listening.


Getting to know Trinitii


The Trinitii is a relatively small toy that can be comfortably held in one hand. At one end we find the toy's "mouth". This little opening has rubbery "lips" which fit around the clitoris. Inside the mouth is a flap which can move up and down and resembles a little tongue. As we look down the handle of the Trinitii we find three buttons. The first one controls the toy's tongue. Tapping this first button causes the tongue to flick up and down. If we continue to tap the button the little tongue changes speeds, revving up and becoming more enthusiastic. 

Meet Trinitii


Pressing the second button causes the Trinitii to suck air inward around the tongue. When the toy isn't pressed up against anything this just produces a very slight current of air. However, when the mouth of the toy is pressed up against something - a finger, a clit, your palm - the rubber lips of the mouth form a seal and the toy creates a vacuum, sticking to whatever surface it is touching. Air gets pumped out of the toy's mouth pretty quickly and it only takes a second or two to create enough suction to hold the toy firmly in place. Holding down this second button turns off the air flow.


The final button engages Trinitii's vibrator. The toy can buzz at a variety of speeds and patterns. One thing I found interesting about Trinitii is that is vibrates all over at about the same intensity. This means it doesn't matter which end of the toy you are holding, the buzz is the same at both ends. Some toys focus all their pulsing power in one spot, but Trinitii rumbles the same at the business end and along the handle. Holding this third button down for a few seconds turns off the vibrator portion of the toy.


Why would you turn it off?


How does it feel?


My partner Elle and I tried out the Trinitii together, trying out each feature of the toy on its own and then exploring them together. Working up the handle of the toy, we tried the vibrator settings first. This part of our experiment went well. Trinitii produces a series of nice rumbles that we can make more or less intense as desired. The vibrator is not particularly powerful, it is probably one of the more gentle buzzing devices we have in our collection, but it seems to be reliable and pleasant. There were no surprises to be had with the vibrator - it provides a good, slightly mild pulsing sensation. So far so good.


We moved on to the suction feature next. At first nothing seemed to happen, there was just a gentle flow of air moving toward the toy. Then the mouth of the toy shifted into place around Elle's clit and formed a seal. The air in the mouth of the toy got pumped out and delivered an intense sucking sensation. This took Elle by surprise and we quickly turned the toy off. We tried a few more times and soon found the suction was always on the intense side. The toy would latch on hard and not let go, which was deemed too much sensation for early in the session, before Elle was warmed up. We decided to come back to that later.


Sometimes you just aren't ready for the amount of suction involved.


We then shifted gears and tried the tongue, both with and without the vibrator running. The tongue provides a fairly light flicking motion and it can be sped up or slowed down by pressing the top button on Trinitii's handle. The sensation is fairly light and tended not to make much of an impact on Elle during our tests.


During a break in our exploration of the Trinitii, Elle and I discovered there is a tiny air hole on the back of the device, behind the mouth. This little hole provides an exit for the air being pumped out of the mouth and covering this hole with a finger causes the vacuum in the mouth of the toy to weaken. Basically, if you turn the suction on and place the toy on your clit it latches on firmly. To lower the level of suction, place a finger over the air's exit hole and the toy eases off.


With the three buttons on the front of the toy for adjusting the tongue, vibrations, and suction along with the air hole on the back of the toy for fine-tuning suction I found gripping the Trinitii reminded me of playing a flute. It's important to remember which finger position does what.

It's not quite this complicated.


Trying a new approach


Elle and I took a little break from Trinitii for a few days, talked about the sensations it was providing and the pinching feeling she was getting from the air suction, and then tried it again. When we experimented with Trinitii after that we eased into things with a warm-up, just using the vibrator for a longer time. This went well, especially when we were using the soft, rounded base of the handle against Elle's clit. So far, so good.


The tongue, tried at different speeds, did not really do anything for Elle. The tongue is small and I think it's meant to lightly tease more than stimulate. Elle told me afterwards the sensation was neither good nor bad, just quite mild.

Not everything needs to be intense.


When we got to the section part of our trial we found the Trinitii quickly pulled any skin it was touching inside its mouth and wouldn't let go. It pinches a bit, especially on the fleshy parts of the body like the clitoris or a cheek. When pressed against my finger or palm the Trinitii delivers enough suction to hold itself aloft, even on the lowest setting. This proved to be too “pinchy” as Elle described it. We did experiment with the air hole on the back of the handle with some success. The Trinitii would “relax” its vacuum grip as long as a finger was plugging the exit hole of the toy, but its mild suction still didn't provide any good sensations for Elle.




The Trinitii is a toy where I can definitely see the good ideas behind the design. I mean who doesn't like a tongue and a little suction on their clit? Who wouldn't want a vibrating tongue on their clit that never gets tired? The Trinitii, in theory, basically offers mechanical oral sex. Which is a million dollar idea. However, the execution, at least from our experience, works better in theory than in practise.


The vibrator itself is perfectly good. It's a fairly mild vibrator with a good collection of speeds and strength settings. However, the problem we ran into was the sucking feature was too powerful while the tongue feature was too mild. Had the intensity of these two been reversed (more powerful tongue, less grip from the mouth) I think we would have had a winner for us. But Elle and I agreed we were not a good fit for this toy.


Sex toys are a matter of personal preference, of course. If you like the idea of more suction on your clit and a gentle, rubber-like tongue lightly flicking its merry way along your pleasure button, then the Trinitii is just the item for you.