The wonder of We-Vibe

Chances are if you've been shopping for a new vibrator in the past few years, or been comparing favourite toys with your friends, you've heard the name We-Vibe. The We-Vibe brand has become almost synonymous with quality vibrators in recent years, in particular for couples looking to heat up their bedroom activities. Why is We-Vibe so popular these days? Well, let's talk about that...

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex-positive fellow from Nova Scotia. Together, with my girlfriend Elle, we've collected a number of We-Vibe toys over the past two years. As owners of several We-Vibe toys, we'd like to share why we keep coming back to their range of products.

It takes one to Tango, but it's more fun with two.

What we feel We-Vibe understands about sex toys, perhaps better than most other adult toy makers in the market these days, is: using a toy on your own is fun; using a toy with your partner is hot! A direct result of this perspective is that We-Vibe toys can be easily used in three ways:

  • Solo play when you're on your own,
  • Shared play when you are with your partner, and
  • Shared play when your partner is away.

We-Vibe toys are made to be comfortable, they have smooth, soft surfaces, allowing them to be used for longer periods of time. The silicone skin feels nice and more natural than the plastics of some other toys. Most of them also have easy to reach buttons to adjust the intensity settings of the vibrator. Both of these features, along with long battery life, make We-Vibe products a favourite in our home for solo use.

We rave about the Rave!

Something I tend to enjoy about the We-Vibe toys we have (and that's a substantial number of toys) is most of them can easily be shared. Items like the We-Vibe Wand in particular are ideal for sharing with a partner. The handles of the Wand and the We-Vibe Rave are ideally suited for sharing with a partner and are easy to use from a variety of angles. I can use these toys while laying beside Elle or kneeling in front of her, or standing nearby while she lays on the bed. The soft grip of the handles and their gentle curves make these toys easy to use in a variety of situations and from different positions.

This wand is magic!

All of these traits are great, but what keeps Elle and I coming back to buy more We-Vibe toys to add to our collection is one special feature that is built into these vibrators: remote control. While We-Vibe toys can be used locally with a traditional, hands-on approach, they also feature a Bluetooth connection which can be paired to your phone. The phone can then adjust the strength and pattern of the toy's vibrations. This is cool, but what makes it even better is you can invite someone else with the We-Connect mobile app (for iOS and Android) to link in, from anywhere in the world, and remotely manage the toy.

This means if Elle is out of town for work, or I need to be away from home, she can take out a toy like the Rave and use the We-Connect app on her phone to invite me to join her for a sexy session. We can swap texts through the app or share a video call together, all the while I get to remotely control her experience with the toy. I can even make up my own pattern of passionate pulses to send to her We-Vibe toy and it'll deliver those sensations straight to Elle. It's a wonderfully hot way to stay connected when we're not in the same location and a great way to bond sexually, even when we're apart.

This makes the We-Vibe items we have some of our favourites because it helps us bridge the distance when we're not together, and also makes it easy for us to play together when we're in the same spot. Some of the toys are compact and mostly for internal use, others are external wands, but virtually all of them can be controlled remotely, making them ideal for travel and date nights out at noisy, public places!