Womanizer Premium Versus Satisfyer Pro

Good day, sexy readers. I am Jay, a sex-positive gentleman from Nova Scotia. How do you do? A little while ago my partner, Elle, and I tried out a toy called the Womanizer Duo Air Pulse. Our experiences with the Duo were fantastic and I shared our views on this toy in an earlier blog post ⬇️

Womanizer Duo Review
It's either a spaceship or a sex toy.

While we were exploring the Womanizer Duo Elle mentioned something interesting: the massaging action on her clit felt quite different when using the Womanizer Duo than it did when we were using a Satisfyer. We own two Satisfyers, a regular model and a One Night Stand demo model which I've also written about before. While Elle likes both Satisfyer toys she mentioned the Womanizer Duo offered a softer, more subtle feel that she enjoyed a lot. This got us wondering if this difference was common across most Womanizer toys or if it was just the Duo specifically that offered the softer feel. We decided to find out, in the name of science!
We make science fun!

Elle and I picked out a Womanizer Premium which is a beautiful shade of blue. The Womanizer Premium (or just "Premium" from here on) offers a number of attractive features. It's a clitoral vibrator, meaning it is designed to focus its pulsing, massaging action directly (and exclusively) on the clitoris. The Premium has a little "mouth" at one end which slides over the clit and softly massages it. The Premium provides twelve intensity levels, starting out at very soft and working up to a pleasantly strong hum. The toy is waterproof, so ideal for taking with you into the bath.

Like many quality toys these days, the Premium offers a feature called Smart Silence. This means that when we turn the toy on it only vibrates while it is touching your body (or if it's in the water). Moving the toy away from your body causes it to immediately go to sleep, which is a handy feature to have if you suddenly hear someone outside your door! Something else that caught my attention about this toy is that is uses something called Pleasure Air Technology (PAT), which uses air pressure rather than direct contact to massage the clitoris. This is probably the reason for the soft, smooth feeling Elle reported enjoying from the Premium.

One final characteristic that I found interesting is that the Premium offers a feature called auto-pilot. The auto-pilot option adjusts the intensity of the Premium's pulses automatically. This means that it can vary its performance for you, making each session with the toy slightly different. In other words, you don't need to manually adjust the toy to get new sensations, it'll try new levels of intensity for you in order to provide a more natural feeling experience.
[Auto-pilot] Wohooo! Next stop: the top of Pleasure Mountain!

As with most vibrators, the Premium has buttons long the top which allow us to adjust the intensity levels and turn it on/off. These buttons are fairly conveniently located across the toy of the handle, opposite the toy's "mouth".

Elle immediately fell in lust with this toy. The Premium is relatively small and light, its surface is smooth and soft - all of which makes it an easy toy to hold. The Premium is slightly curved, making it fairly easy to hold in place comfortably, whether I'm holding it or Elle is.

Our first experience with the toy didn't last long, in the best possible sense. Elle enjoyed the experience a lot and found she... (How can I put this delicately?) She did not need much time with the toy to have a satisfactory experience.
You had another orgasm again!?!?

Our second experiment, with me holding and controlling the Premium turned out much the same way. Elle immediately enjoyed the experience, commented vocally on how much she was enjoying the sensations, and our second session quickly concluded. Our third session, this time in the bathtub, yielded similar results: an intense, quick, and very satisfactory experience.
Bath time was never so much fun!

We tried the Premium in a few positions, in and out of the water, and with both of us using the toy to simulate Elle. Each session turned out to be a lot of fun and very enjoyable for Elle. We ran into just two minor issues with the Premium, neither of which has proven to detract from how much fun we've been having with it.

The first thing that came up was Elle found the auto-pilot feature to be more distracting than helpful. We tried it a bit, but she prefers a steady, consistent flow of sensations. Having a toy that varies its routine is a nice idea (one I suspect many people will enjoy), but Elle finds it more distracting than exciting. The other speed-bump was more my concern. The head around the mouth of the Premium is a little wider around than the head of the Satisfyer, which is almost the same size as its mouth. Normally this wasn't a problem, but I found it took a little more maneuvering to be able to have intercourse while Elle was using the Premium compared to some of the other clitoral toys we've tried. It's still possible, but requires a little more coordination to get around the Premium's wider head.

In the end, we both enjoyed the Premium. Well, mostly Elle enjoyed the Womanizer Premium - a lot! She really likes the smooth, soft air pulsing action. She finds it more comfortable than the other clitoral vibrators we've tried, and the waterproof feature is fantastic. It's a great solo toy and not a bad one to pair with a dildo or with intercourse. We're definitely fans of this little blue wonder!