Trying out a suede flogger

Hello, I'm Jay, a sex- and kink-positive guy from Nova Scotia. In the recent past I have written about what kink is and one of our society's more popular kinks, spanking. Spanking a partner in a kink scene is a form of impact play, a scenario in which one partner consensually strikes another. Another highly popular form of impact play, especially among people who enjoy spanking, is flogging.


Flogging is the act of striking another person with a multi-tailed whip, usually across the upper back or ass. The tails of most of these toys, called floggers, are made of thin, wide leather which soften the impact. Typically, getting struck with a flogger across the back is like getting a heavy massage or hit with a somewhat firm pillow. In most situations the intent is for the strikes to feel more like a hearty pat on the back and not painful.

A good flogging session is part of any complete spa package


Now, with that being said, there are a wide range of floggers. Some are designed to be heavier, some are designed to deliver a stinging sensation. Some people swing them softly in order to just brush or tickle their partners while others swing for the fences, delivering mighty blows. The bottom line is that floggers are versatile and finding one that matches your preferences is a good first step into exploring them.


The search begins


My partner Elle and I enjoy flogging, she finds the steady impact from a medium flogger to feel pleasant, like a massage, and quite relaxing. We also enjoy introducing new people, often friends at parties, to the practise. Flogging, with a gentle top and a relatively soft flogger, is often a good introduction to kink for newcomers as it delivers pleasant sensations where relatively few things can go wrong. In additional, for those who are shy, flogging can take place with most clothing on - you just need a bare back to get started.

Maybe a little less shy than this


Since we have been doing more demonstrations recently, and either flogging newcomers to kink or giving them a chance to swing a flogger for the first time, we wanted to add some floggers to our toy bag that were novice-friendly. We want people on the receiving end to experience pleasant sensations and we also wanted to have a toy that someone with no experience swinging a flogger could try without the risk of hurting anyone.


First impressions


Luckily, for us, Indulgence has recently started to stock soft floggers, most of which are beginner friendly. In particular, we were taken with a red and black suede flogger. This toy has very soft tails that are light and coasted with a soft fuzz. They feel good when caressing across the skin and the large number of tails on this flogger means any impact is spread out widely and evening. This flogger has more, probably 50% more, tails than my other, similar toys. This means the force of a swing of this toy is being spread out, resulting in less discomfort and a softer impact in any one spot. 

More fuzzy tails means a softer touch


Another thing we noticed, before we even started using this suede flogger, was that the handle is quite narrow. Most floggers I have used in the past have handles about as thick as the grip of a baseball bat. Whether wood or another material, the handles tend to be relatively thick and heavy, which suits my larger hands nicely. This flogger has a narrow handle, a little bigger around than a golf club grip, and it is relatively light. This makes it more comfortable for people with average-sized or smaller hands to wield it, a feature Elle (with her petite hands) appreciated.


Ready, set, strike!


When we started using the flogger we eased into it, as we do with any new toy. Though, in this case, we did not need to. The soft tails of the flogger offered more of a caress than a thud when they impacted Elle's back and bottom. Even when I started swinging it at a medium level, she still found the experience more akin to an enthusiastic massage than a hard strike. This is good because it is the sort of soft, light touch we want people on the receiving end to experience the first time they try flogging.


When I ramped up, swinging harder, we discovered two more things. The first was that, swinging as hard as I could, the flogger deadened enough of the impact that I couldn't make a strong enough impact on Elle to cause her to feel pain. With most impact toys the person swinging them shouldn't strike as hard as they can, maybe not even half as hard as they can, to avoid causing damage. But this suede flogger barely registered as more than hearty slap on the back to Elle. My swinging arm was going to give out before she'd say “ouch”.


The other thing we discovered was, when swung full force, little bits of the flogger's tails would break off the ends. These little, fuzzy tips didn't come off often, just during very hard swings, and they looked like tiny, black caterpillars on the floor when we were done. I think the flogger is designed to break itself rather than the person on the receiving side, sort of like the way a car crumples to absorb impact and protect the passengers inside.


One other thing we found, after using this red and black flogger a few times, is that it slowly sheds its fuzzy exterior. The soft coating the tails very slowly wears off and, as it does, it scatters. After longer sessions with this flogger we ended up with a thin layer or red dust where we'd been doing the scene. This isn't a problem, it vacuums up easily, but it is something to keep in mind if you're taking this toy to a friend's place - make sure they have a vacuum on hand. 

Oh shoot, we forgot the vacuum cleaner




I really like this suede flogger, especially as something to use as a warm-up at the beginning of an impact play scene, or in a scene with beginners. It is nearly impossible to swing this flogger hard enough to cause harm to someone's back or bottom. The dozens of tails, with their fuzzy sides, really spread out and absorb a lot of the impact. I could hand this flogger to a novice and, even if they went wild and swung it full force, they probably wouldn't do any harm. Likewise, anyone on the receiving end will get a gentle introducing to flogging that will feel softer and more pleasant than one would get with harder tails.


People who are experienced and want a more intense sensation may not want to use this toy a lot, but it still provided a good warm-up. Meanwhile people who are relatively new to kink and want a beginner toy that can be used for impact or sensation play will find this a great first item to place in their toy collection.