We-Vibe Chorus - a toy that hits the right notes

There is something delicious about sitting in a crowded restaurant, having dinner with your partner, when suddenly she gives little jump of surprise, caught off guard by a sudden flood of sensations. You smile, she blushes, and you both silently hope the people around you cannot hear the faint buzz of the vibrator working its magic between her legs. Now the two of you have a secret - a sexy secret - which is the best kind to have.

There are a number of fine, remotely controlled vibrators on the market. They are all fun toys which can be tucked away under a pair of panties and activated from a short distance away. While there are many good examples of discreet, remote controlled vibrators, this week I'd like to talk about my latest find: the We-Vibe Chorus

Say hello to my little friend


What's in the box?

The We-Vibe folks have made a number of remotely controlled toys, some of them small gadgets good for an evening out at a restaurant, attending a dance, or for a date to the movie theatre. The most recent of these is the Chorus. The Chorus is roughly “C” shaped and more or less the size and form of your index finger & thumb when they are parallel to each other. There is a hinge in the middle of the “C” which allows the “C” to be made wider or narrower. The Chorus is available in red and blue models; I picked red.

 The Chorus comes with an instruction booklet, a USB charge cord, a charge stand, the Chorus itself, and its remote control. The remote and Chorus can sit on the stand to recharge. The instruction booklet is mostly made up of pictures which is nice for me as it clearly highlights which buttons do what and how the Chorus can be adjusted for the best fit. One key point the booklet mentions is that the Chorus can can managed from a smart phone using the We-Connect app (for Android and iOS). This is a cool feature most (perhaps all?) We-Vibe devices share and I like the option of fine-tuning the vibrator remotely using the phone app.

 The instruction booklet points out that with this device the phone syncs with the Chorus remote, not the Chorus itself directly. In short, the Chorus talks to its remote and the remote can then talk to the We-Connect app. The app doesn't communicate directly with the Chorus. Keeping this in mind will avoid confusion when trying to sync the app.


How does it work?

 The Chorus is designed so that half of it (the thin bit) slides inside a lady's vagina. The thicker end of the “C” covers and presses against her clit. The hinge in the middle of the “C” can then be adjusted so that the Chorus fits snugly and stays in place. When the toy is activated with the press of a button, it can then be managed using the remote control. The remote has five buttons on it. Two buttons (the left and right indicators) cycle through different patterns of vibrations. These patterns place little gaps or revs into the vibrations. Two other buttons (marked as positive and negative) increase and decrease the intensity of the vibrations, respectively. The fifth button is the control button and this one is a bit more interesting.

 The control button, when pressed, causes the Chorus to switch into a low-level, steady hum. It is still vibrating, but gently. Squeezing the soft handle of the remote causes the Chorus to increase the intensity of its vibrations. The more you squeeze, the harder it hums.

This is the result


We can press the control button again to switch back to the regular mode where the pattern and intensity buttons work normally. The squeeze function is a neat concept because it means that whomever is holding the remote can cause an increase in vibrations very naturally by just squeezing harder. Likewise, relaxing your grip on the remote allows your partner to relax as the vibrator backs off and returns to its soft hum.


How does it feel for her?

When my partner Elle and I tested the Chorus it performed well. It buzzed, it ramped up and down when requested. Elle reported that the device provided a good range of intensities on her clit. The device fit well, felt good, and was neither too light nor too intense in its buzzing.

 The one problem we ran into was the limited range of the remote. Or, more precisely, how much material could be between the remote and the Chorus before it stopped working. When I was sitting beside or across from Elle and using the remote to try to tease her with changing patterns it worked fine. However, if Elle was holding the remote it didn't have a good line-of-sight from her hand to the Chorus (or there was too much of her dress in the way) and it wouldn't respond when she was pressing buttons. When she handed the remote back to me, it worked again, showing the connection was still working, it was just not getting enough signal through.

 Apart from that little drawback, the Chorus worked beautifully. Elle reported she was especially happy with how it felt when we were using the toy while I was also inside her. During sex, which the internal part of the Chorus is small enough to accommodate, the Chorus was pressed up against the front of her vagina and the resulting sensations were very good. (I'm paraphrasing, but Elle is a fan.)

Very much a fan


How does it feel for him?

 For most of the trial I didn't have a lot of direct contact with the Chorus, which is sort of the point - it is meant to be used remotely. I found with a little lube it slid into place inside Elle easily and the remote control is shaped to fit nicely in my hand. There are only five buttons on the remote making it straight forward to navigate, even for me. I like flipping through different patterns and intensity levels and seeing their effect on Elle.

 My one complaint with the Chorus is that I didn't like how it felt while it was in place during sex. Oh, the vibrations were fine. The Chorus is relatively low-key compared to some of the heavy-hitting vibrators we have so it wasn't distracting in that way. However, the material of the Chorus chafed my penis during sex. Even with some extra lube in place, my shaft started to feel raw, especially when I was entering Elle from behind. Adjusting positions and angles helped a little, but it never became comfortable for me. Luckily Elle and I tended to use the Chorus more for foreplay than for intercourse itself, so the toy served its primary purpose beautifully.

 I was intrigued by the “squeeze to adjust power” feature. It is a fun idea. I liked being able to put the Chorus into squeeze mode and gripping the remote to make the experience more or less “buzzy”. Basically, this feature works as advertised and it's fun, especially for shorter sessions or ones where there is a corresponding back-and-forth banter.

In conclusion

 On the whole, the Chorus is a pleasant evolution forward for the We-Vibe range of discreet, remotely controlled toys. We have used some past models which worked similarly and with similar remotes. The Chorus steps up the game a but by adding the squeeze feature and making the “C” hinge a little easier to adjust. I also think the remote control buttons are a little more obvious now than on past models. In short, the Chorus is a good step forward. If you liked past models you will probably like this one better. If you had trouble getting a remote toy to work properly in the past (some are flimsy or have poor range), the Chorus will probably provide a better experience.