We Vibe Wand Review

Well move over Magic Wand.  There’s a new girl in town.  And she sure knows all the tricks.  Meet the We Vibe Wand.  Why do we love her? And will she replace the Original Magic Wand?  Read on and we’ll tell ya!  (you can also watch our Apr 24 FB video for a quick overview)


Ok, ok, before I go on about the power and speed settings and all that, I need to talk about two super slick features that make the We Vibe Wand a step above other sex toys for women.

  1. The We Connect App - this app lets you, or a lover control the We Vibe Wand with from your smartphone.  During the current Covid-19 isolation, lots of us are apart from our sexual partners.  Get them to download the handy We-Connect app and they can control your vibe from anywhere in the world.  You can also unlock some extra fun vibe patterns and create your own with the app.  Fun!
  2. The Smart Silence Feature - This feature has me mesmerized.  I think it’s the bomb.com.  Set the We Vibe Wand to Smart Silence with the flick of a button and it’ll only vibrate when it’s in contact with skin.  You really don’t realize how handy this feature is until you’re getting hot and heavy with a lover and notice how easy and convenient the We Vibe Wand is to pick up and put down or move around and switch things up - without having to push any buttons! Smart Silence keeps the Wand in Stand By mode unless it’s in direct contact with skin,   Also worth noting - Smart Silence is a feature that is great for discreet use - if anyone invades your private moment, just move it away from your body and it will shut down right away.

Let’s also point out the funky looking seafoam green attachments!  They look a little strange at first, but slide them over the We Vibe Wand’s Universal Head and enjoy a whole other type of stimulation.  There’s a clit-terrific silky soft silicone circle with fluttery petals - perfect when you want to draw out pleasure and scale down the power of the We Vibe Wand!  And there’s a penis-specific stroker sleeve for the fellas - giving you a whole new edge to handjobs.  Don’t forget to break out the We-Connect App for that!  Personally, I think it’s nice that this toy comes with a few little extras, particularly something for men - we don’t see that very often, if ever. 

We Vibe Wand Fluttery AttachmentWe Vibe Wand Stroker Attachment


Alright, now we can talk about power!  The We Vibe Wand has deep rumbly power in spades with 10 different vibration modes to choose from.  It’s actually the most powerful wireless massager on the market and has this very cool seamless intensity control switch that lets you dial up or dim the power with a slide of your (like a light dimmer, only sexier!)  In short, We Vibe Wand gives limitless sensations, with the attachments, the We-Connect App, and the 10+ vibration patterns.

I think after reading this, you can tell I like the We Vibe Wand, and yes, I highly recommend it.  Sure, I’m always going to hold the Magic Wand close to my heart - but it’s often TOO powerful for some folks - and I have to be honest, that product is a back massager that’s become the world's most loved sex toy, yes it’s amazing and it always will be, but it’s a back massager. The Magic Wand just doesn’t have the features that I want in a luxury vibrator.  The We Vibe Wand is a sex toy designed by a premium sex toy company.  It DOES have all the features I want in a luxury vibrator.  Some of them I didn't even know I wanted until I found out they existed. 

  • waterproof & subermergible? - check  
  • rechargeable and wireless?  - check 
  • medical grade silicone body? - check
  • included sexy attachments? - check
  • easy to clean & care for? - check
  • bluetooth remote technology? - check
  • warranty & quality guarantee? - check
  • innovative features and design? - check

As usual, our friends at We Vibe deliver world class pleasure, innovative design, and impeccable quality.

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